Outsourcing Development Can Be Complicated, But it Doesn’t Have to Be

Image From: https://leantesting.com/10-tips-successful-outsourcing/

Outsourcing development projects can raise a lot of doubts and questions and feel like an over complicated hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. There a two ways in which you can outsource your development project; you can either hire a freelancer, or you can contract a web development company. Freelancers can be great and more cost effective than going for a web development company, however you might prefer the stability and team produced results that you get from a development company. It all depends on who you turn to and what their capabilities are. There are a few keys things to have in place before outsourcing your project that will help the process be as stress-free as possible.

See What’s On Offer

 Any project development requires a complex process that involves quality coding, team development, risk assessment and a range of other supports. Find an outsourcing company that provides the full range of IT services and can guide you to bring out the best possible result for your project idea, from invoice apps to comprehensive web designs.


One thing you want to get straight on from the get go is a timeline. Make sure you have a clear, agreed upon timeframe and final deadline, knowing that your developer will stick to it and deliver on time. Make sure you both stick to agreed deadlines – if you agree to get things done or delivered by certain dates, make sure that you don’t miss those dates and keep up your end of the bargain.

Both freelancers and web development companies have a lot of other clients, so avoid finding yourself at the bottom of their to-do list because you’ve missed a blocked in date to send them certain things by. Stay reliable and you can expect the same in return. Having clear timelines and deadlines helps create strong working boundaries and expectations, which is extremely important when doing business with anybody.

Be Adaptable

 Having said that, you need to stick to deadlines and have clear boundaries – knowing what your boundaries are is going to prove useful when inspiration strikes. It can be easy for freelance projects to expand beyond their original scope, which ultimately might lead to further payment. This extra cost might be a very cost effective way of getting the best result for your business, so before getting upset that the cost has blown out, look at what your project developer is trying to offer you, it might be worth your while. And if not, or if you have a very strict budget, be clear on that and keep the boundaries you set at the very beginning.


Whether you hire a freelancer or a company, what really matters is the level of innovation they can bring to the table. Flexibility and adaptability are key to allowing the specialist capabilities of a successful freelancer or company to bring you the best result. People who foster innovative work practices are more capable of gaining a competitive edge in the market.

It’s important to do your research and find the right person/s for the job, because you need to have faith in them. Have faith that their expertise and experience will complement your vision and help you realise the exact result, or better than you were hoping for. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, but at the same time trust that they know what they are doing, and have done it before. Stay organised, keep a paper trail, and be realistic in your expectations. Express what you want clearly and concisely and work together to create your vision.