Obtaining Aggregate Value of Your Brand Through Instagram Video Contests

Instagram has a user base of more than 80 million daily and 400milliom monthly. This is an excellent platform for companies that yearns to expand the reach of their brands. It’s therefore easy to draw followers through appealing visuals both useful and wrong types of audiences who lead to a flop of your brand. Adhering to the laid down rules for Instagram contests may save your deposits of time and efforts that may otherwise be drained upon violation of Instagram’s policies.

Instagram is Entirely Visualization

Your contest graphics should be well designed with a defined theme. Ideally, you can pick one of the best platforms for your video contest where a combination of canva and landscape templates enable graphics to be shared on other social media platforms increasing your brand visibility.

Use a Perfect Branded Hashtag

This is the link between the contest and the content generated. This helps you track entries, and because its time bound, you need to have something that is most relevant, that is not going to be used over and over again. Besides this, the hashtag should be memorable, universal and unique. It’s difficult to track entries on generic hashtags owing to the numerous post made through them.

Create An Easy Method of Entry

There are different ways of creating contests on Instagram. This call for an emphasis on making the entry to a contest simple and straightforward. Establish and emphasize what it entails for your audience to enter the contest. Well stipulated guidelines and a listing of rules scale down the queries you receive and keep your giveaway complaint with Instagram.

Use ‘User Generated Content’ for Entries

Typically the less you ask people to do, the more entries though this may not build your following. More euphoria will be generated when people are tasked to take some action such as taking a caption and tagging your brand. Photos related to your brand will grow UGC which is a powerful media where your audience market your brand for you.

Contest Timeframe

How long a contest runs is relative with most Instagram giveaways lasting for a week. Running a contest for an extended period, say 30 days, may trigger a sense of ‘no urgency’ leading to a likelihood of procrastination or even failure to enter the contest. Keeping the contest duration short is key.

Making the Contest An Exciting Idea

Setting your theme in an innovative way instead of generics will be a product of good deposits of high thoughts and planning beyond the traditional formulas. Make your contest setup exude fun and excitement significantly engaging the public.

Using the Right Tools

Instagram does not have inbuilt features for managing contests. Everything is subject to manual monitoring including tracking of entries, votes, and conversations. Some tools are currently available for photo and video contests that ease monitoring as well as enhancing the promotion of your contest on various platforms. Some of the favourite tools include; Woobox, Gleam, and Wishpond.

The above tips while applied charily will make your Instagram an effective marketing tool where your brand will register a tremendous growth irrespective of the past setbacks on your video contests.