5 Ways To Enhance Your Next Pop-Up Event

You’ve probably heard about a hot marketing trend called pop-up events. These are temporary stores or parties designed to generate buzz and grow your business. Pop-ups allow you to test new markets and merchandise. They’re also an effective way to and promote a new brand, or refresh an established business.

You’ll need to invest some time and marketing dollars into your pop-ups. Here are five ways to enhance your next pop-up event for better profits.

1. Set a Goal and Track Your Spending

Nothing takes the fun out of a pop-up event like overspending and zero revenue. Although you’re the party host, remember that your pop-up is all business. To protect your wallet, focus on your marketing goals.

Use a simple event budget spreadsheet. Get estimates for your venue, refreshments, entertainment, and advertising. Add a sales goal that will cover costs and earn a profit. Later, use this sheet to track your real costs vs. revenue.

2. Choose a Venue That Showcases Your Brand

This fashion Pop-Up Event is just one possibility that you can execute as an entrepreneur

Image via Flickr by Dick Thomas Johnson

With your budget set, it’s on to the fun part. First, pick a venue. When you’re scouting locations, the atmosphere should match your brand’s style. Let’s say you run a trendy clothing store. Check out options like a loft, warehouse space, or a tent at a local park.

Once you pick a spot, get any permits or licenses squared away. You don’t want to scramble at the last minute, or cancel because you didn’t get your paperwork done on time.

3. Deliver an Experience, Not Just a Sale

Remember that attendees want a memorable experience. Let the event space and your style inspire a party theme. Add activities that complement your theme and urge your guests to participate. You can add excitement with a fortune teller, comedian, or street magician.

Background tunes can set the mood too. Choose music that enhances the theme like relaxing classical, fun pop, or energetic rock. Even better, hire a local band to create a community atmosphere.

4. Offer Valet Parking to Welcome More Customers

Pop-Ups have a limited time to make money. To maximize your profit, you must keep the store filled with customers. Often that means hosting your pop-up in the busiest part of town. Before you open, don’t forget to check on the parking situation. If the venue doesn’t have a lot or ample street spaces, offer convenient valet parking services. With a valet, guests will spend time shopping instead of circling the block looking for a spot. Valet parking also provides high-end customer service that guests appreciate even when parking is plentiful. You’ll start and end the event in style!

5. Get the Word Out

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With your plans in place, it’s time generate buzz and social chatter about your pop-up event. Social media options can add the hyper-local promotion your party needs. You can post on Snapchat using geofilters to advertise your venue’s location. See if you can connect your pop-up party to a trending topic on Twitter too.

Don’t forget to create a unique hashtag for your pop-up to encourage followers and friends to share your posts before and during the event. Broadcast your event on Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories. Don’t forget to continue these social conversations after your event to build your business.

Follow these tips to enhance your pop-up event and grow your business. You’ll turn shoppers into loyal followers who can’t wait for your next party.