Need to Impress a Client? Rent One of These Cars

The world of business is one in which impressions really do count. Deals can be made and broken on the simplest little things, so it’s important to pay attention to detail. If you need to travel with a client, then making sure they have the best experience possible is paramount, which means chauffeuring them along in the best executive car you can get. With this in mind, there are three cars in particular that stand out as the ideal set of wheels. They’re not the most expensive cars in the world, so most businesses will be able to afford their fare, but they certainly will impress.

Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln Town Car (Creative Commons)
Lincoln Town Car (Creative Commons)

The Lincoln Town Car is an iconic vehicle, designed specifically to ferry executive passengers about busy city streets, taking them from meeting to meeting, and hotel to hotel. Until the appearance of the 2003 Rolls Royce Phantom, it was possibly the largest production vehicle to be found anywhere, and it’s the most commonly converted stretch limo anywhere. Such extended length means that the wheelbase is very long, making this an exceptionally comfy car. It may have been discontinued three years ago, but you’ll still find this monster available to rent in all American cities, and many others around the world too.

Mercedes S-Class

Until you start to enter the ultra-luxurious realm of Rolls Royce and Bentley, there is possibly no more high-end car than the Mercedes S-Class. This German behemoth is designed to roll across continents with ease, and will devour small journeys with similar aplomb. If you’re in Europe and looking for an executive taxi service, then there’s a good chance you and your clients will be picked up in one of these. The slightly smaller E-Class is also a very good option, and is also a good choice if you want to lease rather than just hire. Take a look at Hitachi Capital Vehicles for more info.

BMW 7-Series


The last few iterations of the flagship BMW haven’t been so impressive, but the latest model is very popular indeed, almost rivalling the S-Class. If you want something a bit different, then this is a very good choice. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be impressed with a car this imposing that has the famous blue and white logo on the front? The ‘individual’ models can come specified with all sorts, from Wi-Fi and wine coolers.