How do the right motorhome spares make your motorhome maintenance easy

How do you tackle motorhome maintenance?  ... photo by CC user Motorhomes on wikimedia commons

Motorhomes, also known as campervan, camper, caravanette, or RV is a self-propelled vehicle. It is used both for transport and sleeping accommodation when on outdoors trips. The vans are equipped with a coach built body that has all the amenities for accommodation. You get a huge choice to buy from the motorhome market, the manufacturers in UK and also other parts of the world are having countless varieties of models to choose from. While buying the vehicle you must invest good amount of time, research and back ground check and then make the final decision to buy as it counts in a good investment.

New motorhomes are usually with fewer complaints and maintenance can be done one in six months; but if you are buying second hand, you will have to look deeper into the aspects of motorhome spares and motorhome maintenance. If you buy the spare parts from the original sellers, the motorhome shall give you better service over the years and also the maintenance get easier. Local units might not be very durable. Here is a list of spares for motorhomes that you should keep in your vehicle always –

  • Portable Power Pump Pressure Car Washer
  • Caravan Jack Pad
  • Car Brake Pads
  • Folding water carrier
  • Chemical Toilet Fluid
  • Toaster
  • Heater Fan and Defroster
  • Hooks
  • Waterproof Car Cover
  • Power Hookup
  • Double Step Caravan Stool
  • Car Boat Camping Travel Kettle
  • Extra large rugs
  • Portable Camping Toilet Bucket
  • Humidifier
  • Caravan cleaner
  • Caravan waste water outlet hose / pipe adapter
  • Catch Latch Cabinets
  • Jumbo Toilet Tissue Roll

The above mentioned spare parts for motor homes are essential and you need to keep them with you to combat the odd moments effectively. Apart from these there are many more like storage bags, portable showers, waterproof electrical connectors, frost guards, strip lights, extra battery, motorhome boat sealants, and so on.

Motorhome tyre spares – Why you need them?

Most caravan enthusiasts commit this mistake by going away without checking the tyres and it’s a perfect situation for upcoming disaster. Even if you are a smooth camper and have been looking after the vehicle at its best, spare tyres are a must in your vehicle. You can avoid the pain of a breakdown with the spares tyres in stock. Make sure the tyres you buy can take over 1200kg weight on each tyre. Check the load index before buying. They also need to withstand high pressure; around 40 psi. Some special motorhome tyres can even be inflated to 80psi. When you buy the spare ones, check the pressure capacity as well. You can also keep normal van tyres as spares in case budget is restricted and just to overcome the trouble moment.

How to choose the right company for motorhome spare parts?

Many companies are mushrooming around selling motorhome spare parts, but make sure you have chosen a reliable one as you are actually buying the product from them that will aid you during a crisis moment. Thus, quality comes as the priority. Check if they have mobile facilities to deliver items at a shorter notice. Also see if they are providing the warranty documents and the right products that are compatible with your model of RV. The last but not the least that should be counted in is the brand – branded spare parts are undoubtedly preferable for justified reasons.