Lads on tour! A staggeringly good stag do

Amsterdam at Dusk
Amsterdam at Dusk

Lads! Lads! Lads on tour! That, my raucous chums, is the sound of a stag do beginning the path towards fun before their friend is hitched into a life of mortgages, throw cushions and mandatory excursions to IKEA.

There’s never a better time to let loose and find the time for fun and extreme activities you’ve always wanted to try. So, don’t be a rubbish best man – try some of these venues for an epic stag.

Get extreme on a Segway

You can forget quad biking, bungee jumping and tank driving – the future of extreme sports is in the pioneering world of the Segway.

With the Segway Active circuit in Wales, you can hop on one of these high-powered devices and speed your way across the track, all with the help of a trainer who’ll get you to grips with the action.

It’s a fresh extreme sport that’ll take your stag by surprise. So go on, my son – give it a bash!

Get amped in Amsterdam

While it might be famed for that district, Amsterdam is actually varied and beautiful enough to appeal to almost every taste. You can wander around in a happy haze of debauchery, but the city also offers great architecture, a stunning range of museums and other cultural behemoths (Anne Frank’s house is a must on the culture trail).

You can get a bit tipsy and proceed to enjoy everything else about Amsterdam. Classic!

The drinking capital of Scotland

You might just think of Edinburgh as a place featuring a massive castle, a massive arts festival and little else, but it’s actually the ideal place for an anarchic stag!

With as many high-class bars as other far-flung destinations, the Scottish capital also offers fine dining, paintball, zorbing and clay pigeon shooting in the surrounding area. If you’re up for a classic stag on a budget, get your lads to the home of kilts and shortbread.

The Las Vegas of Great Britain

Blackpool, the home of the Blackpool Tower and about a thousand gambling resorts, is a great unpretentious laugh.

Blackpool Tower

Filled with rollercoasters, games, piers and more bars and bed and breakfasts than you’d know what to do with, the city is like Las Vegas – if, that is, Las Vegas had a strange obsession with donkey rides and fish suppers.

Hop onto the old tramline and you’ll be able to travel to the major party destinations of the city with ease. You’ll be stagged off your nut before you know it!