The Importance of High Team Engagement

Team Engagement is vital to a high-performing business

There are lots of ways in which a project can be organized within an organization. They can be huge, or they can be very small. Either way, it is vital that the team is engaged fully with the project, or it will not be a success. In fact, the team should be engaged from the start, coming up with the project itself. When you find idea management software that works, that is exactly what you enable. But why is that engagement so important?

Why Team Engagement Is Vital

If an organization has engaged teams, everybody works together to increase the value of their organization, focusing on growth and revenue. In fact, according to the Human Capital Trends 2016 by Deloitte, one of the key priorities for organizations is to restructure around teams. This creates so-called “networks of teams”, in which everybody feels engaged and empowered. Teams need to have clearly defined roles and areas of focus, but they must also understand how they link to other teams so that can build value together.

Projects have to be successful, or they are a waste of time and resources. In order to create that value, it is vital that teams work properly together, which can be done through excellent idea management software, as this foster collaboration. In the 2016 Pulse Study by the Project Management Institute, it was found that 16% of all projects are a complete failure, and 62% do not meet business intent or original goals.

If a project is going to be successful, the entire team has to be engaged, and everybody has to be motivated. In fact, in “The Progress Principle”, it was reported that motivation and progress of a project are correlated. Qualitative analysis also demonstrated that there is a dual causation in this, which means that progress increased with proper motivation, and motivation increases progress.

What all of this means that all members have to be fully engaged in the process, which can be achieved in five simple ways:

  1. Make sure that all the work they do is interesting and meaningful.

  2. Make sure that all employees are engaged before the project even commences, which you can achieve through your idea management software.

  3. Make sure all executive sponsors continuously support the project and its activities.

  4. Have a daily communication brief in which even the smallest win is highlighted.

  5. Get rid of daily hassles and barriers.

So what does this have to do with innovation and idea management software? Basically, that is the collation point for everything that has to do with the project, and it is the perfect place for full collaboration. Ensure that everybody knows that they have a voice, and they will instantly become more engaged and motivated to make the project a success. This also means they work becomes more interesting. All the elements are interconnected, just like all the different teams are interconnected. By properly grasping those concepts, all projects are more likely to succeed.