How to Save Some Money for Your Travels

So you’ve made the decision to hit the road, spent hours online picking out the awesome places that you plan on visiting and the iconic landmarks that you want to see on your great adventure, there is now just one thing standing in the way between you and the World, money.


Even though the idea of slumming it around the World can seem attractive, hopping from hostel to hostel and scratching a living to continue your travels, the truth is that money can pave the way for better experiences and more adventures. The best way to approach this is to bank as much money as possible before you set away, whilst you are in the comfort of your home and here are some top tips on how best to save money before you go.

Just Say No

The first place to start is by minimizing your spends and learning to say no to things, a night out with your friends might seem like a great idea, but for the same money that you will spend, you could buy an entrance ticket to an iconic landmark.

Daily coffees and sandwiches may not seem like a huge spend but they soon add up. You need to start thinking of your money as experiences or transport, how many plane tickets could you buy with that gadget you’ve had your eye on, how many hotels could you afford if you don’t buy that restaurant meal. It can be difficult but just think of the long-term plan.

Second Income

To truly boost your bank balance and your chances of a better experience, look to make a second income where possible. If you have the time for a second job then look at restaurant and bar work or delivery work if you drive. If your working hours don’t lend themselves to taking a second job then look online for ways to make extra cash.

The online world gives you lots of opportunities to make additional money, from blogging, selling your stuff, freelance work and online betting, there is lots of ways to do it, the best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your on home.

Make it Visual

To keep things on track when you are saving up your money for your travels you are going to need to keep in mind why you are doing it, the best way to do so is with visual reminders. There are a few ways in which you could do this, you could make a picture board and put it on your bedroom wall complete with photos of the amazing places that you wish to visit on your travels. Another great tip is to put some little photos in your wallet, this way, every time you open it to buy something, you will have a constant reminder of why you are saving money. There are lots of ways to do this, you could even put a photo of your favorite place on your phone’s lock screen, this way you will never be far away from being reminded where you are heading.