How Life Changes After a Serious Car Wreck

It is sad how life changes after a severe car wreck. Car accidents are bound to have impacts on your life. Most of which you may have not even anticipated. To efficiently deal with such impacts, you may want to contact a Louisville car accident attorney to fight your court and settlement battles and give you counsel if your car accident occured in Louisville, Kentucky.

 Effects of car accidents may either be short term or long term depending on the car accident’s intensity. Either way, they leave a lasting, and sometimes catastrophic, impact in their wake. Here are some examples of how life changes after a serious car wreck in Louisville. 

What Changes May You Experience After a Car Crash?

1. Getting Around in Your Car

Having your car wrecked means that you cannot use it for days, weeks, or even months as you await its repair or replacement. Operating without your car may become too stressful. Lack of a car might inconvenience you even more if you incurred injuries that limit your movement.

2. Lasting Emotional Impact

Being involved in a car wreck can be very catastrophic and have short-term and long-term psychological effects on you. You may find yourself having nightmares, anxiety, or any other symptoms of PTSD

In instances where the car wreck has caused you trauma, you could secure significant pain and suffering compensation to cover personal pain. 

3. Experiencing the Death of a Loved One

Car wrecks can sometimes be tragic and end in the death of a loved one. It is hard to overcome the grief that comes with it; however, with a lawyer’s help, you can file a wrongful death claim and get justice and compensation for the death of your loved one.

4. Lasting Physical Impact

As a result of the car crash, you or your loved one may have sustained life-changing physical injuries. Lasting physical injuries may include paralysis or amputation.  

5. Long Legal and Settlement Battles

Contrary to common belief, negotiating insurance settlements has never been easy. Insurance companies tend to drag these cases, even when minor injuries are involved. Severe injuries may sometimes take months or even years to get your compensation.

 With an experienced Louisville car accident attorney on your side, following up on your settlements will be much easier and faster. This way, no rogue insurance company will cheat you out of your rightful compensation.

6. Relationship Impacts

Due to the emotional, physical, and financial stress caused by the Louisville car accidents, there may be significant impacts on your relationships with family and friends. If you do not deal with such impacts soon enough, they may end up causing long term conflicts that will threaten your relationships.

7. Your Credit Rating

Footing your medical or daily bills after a car accident may be very overwhelming. In cases whereby you have been seriously injured from the accident and are unable to work for a long time, these bills will cause a strain on your finances.

 If you are unable to foot your bills, this will reflect on your credit scores and, in turn, affect your financial health. 

How to Cope with These Changes

A car accident has the potential to change a lot of aspects of your life or that of your loved one. One of the best ways to navigate these impacts is by hiring a lawyer who will help you build a strong case in court and bring the negligent party to justice.

 An experienced Louisville car accident attorney will ensure that you get all the reimbursement you deserve without putting yourself under unnecessary excessive pressure and stress.