Hostel Hacks Every MBA Student Should Know

Ready to plunge into the hostel life? You must be thrilled to finally get out of the shackles of family inhibitions and ride your dream horse into the untamed life at the hostel. Moreover, if you get admission in the best of MBA colleges in Delhi like BMU and get the chance to live in the hostel, then what could be more exciting and thrilling than living in Delhi alone?

But friends, as you must have heard that with freedom comes responsibility. There will be no home-cooked tasty food, the cosy comfort of your room and the unparalleled services that you are getting at home available in your hostel. You will be supposed to eat at the hostel mess, do your laundry and share the room with others who may not turn out to be your best friends in the long run. So be ready for these challenges as well.

Life is tough in a hostel, no doubt, but with right tricks and hacks even tough can be twisted into an easy one. So, here is an exclusive list of some of interesting hacks every MBA or you can say that every student living in hostel should know. Read and make the most of your hostel life!

  • Save Space

When you enter your hostel room, you will notice that the space in the room is quite limited and you will have to adjust a lot to fit your innumerable MBA books into the tiny closet. So, try to adopt tricks that help you save space. From clever hideaways and plastic drawers to over-the-door shoe rack and boot boxes, there are many ways to save space in your room. You can also ask your mother to teach some of her hacks for storing your valuable easily in small spaces.

  • Managing Cravings

The luxury of getting delicious food whenever you want is out of your league in a hostel. So, either spend hundreds of bucks daily on food (which is not a good idea looking at the financial hazard it will create) or manage your cravings yourself. The second option is what most of your will choose once you spend a month in hostel. So, friends, to beat the food cravings, you can learn to prepare some quick meals yourself.

Making your regular noodles is one of the paramount in the list of hostel hack’s food menu. Some other dishes you can try your hands on are sandwiches, chips with chutney, stuffed parathas and many more.

  • The Magnet Magic

To save the small things that matter a lot and get lost easily, you need the magic of magnets. Confused? Well, we are talking about your keys and the way to keep them safe by nailing a magnet to your wall and place the keys there. Quite an easy but very useful hack for hostel mates.

  • Beat the Heat in Summer!

In Delhi, you will learn to get the “Jugaad” for almost every other problem including the scorching heat of summers. As you won’t get the cool “Hawa ka jhaunka” in your hostel room, you will have to come up with interesting tricks to keep the heat at bay. One famous trick is to hang a cold and wet towel against the window or the table-fan in your room. This will make your room significantly cooler. You can also go the library or the IT lab to make your presentation, or you can stay to get some relief in air-conditioned rooms of the hostel.

  • Ironing Clothes Without an Iron

An MBA student needs to look professional during the presentation but how will it happen with wrinkled clothes and no access to iron? Don’t worry, we got your back buddies! Take a saucepan, put hot water in it and use it to iron your wrinkled clothes on last minute.

  • Avoid Heating in Laptop

There will be times when you will have to work for hours on the laptop to make your presentations which will lead to overheating in the laptop. To avoid that, you can place an empty egg carton beneath the laptop and continue your work without any worry.

Read all? Now, before making your way to the hostels at MBA Colleges in Delhi, adopt these hacks. You can also invent some of your own but never forget to make the most of your hostel life.