3 Hot Apps Helping Home Based Business Organize and Thrive

Looking to take your Home Based Business to the next level? Try these hot apps ... photo by CC user Unsplash on pixabay

Today is one of the best times in recent history for small business owners and future entrepreneurs. With the economy in recovery, but still facing many challenges, there is no lack of problems to solve in the business world. New entrepreneurs can find a niche to inhabit without having to spend too much time searching. And once they’re open for business, there are numerous technology-based methods to improve the way business is done in their unique micro-industry. Today, there are hundreds of new mobile apps created for the benefit of small business owners. Some save time; others save money; while many expand upon the services which may be offered by a typical small business. With so many apps on the market, it’s hard to find the best one for you without some research. Rather than give a list of apps that work well for a variety of industries, we’ve selected three apps that make life better within the sphere of home based business…

  1. SkyChildCare. With a perfect 5-star rating on the Google Play Store, SkyChildCare shows how simple apps can make life a whole lot easier for home-based childcare businesses. This app is employer and client facing, making it a versatile one-stop shop for organization methods like staff scheduling and child pickup and drop off times. Staffers have a unique pin which allows them to access their work hours, as well as other details. Parents and guardians will also be given access to the app, which lets them sign their children in and out of your center, as well as virtually keep record of their payment histories. With full integration with SkyChildCare’s cloud-based software solutions, this is a great example of how modern businesses can better interface with their clients and staff.
  2. Asana. Asana is a way for businesses to connect and communicate with their staffs. While typically used for small corporate settings, it is applicable for any company with a few or more staffers. Tasks, reminders, personal communications, schedules, questions, and more can all be handled within the app. It’s the go-to for all things work talk, and it saves modern businesses a lot of miscommunication. Rather than having to clutter business email inboxes for mundane communications, employees can have constant reminders of everything that is going on, all within their pockets.
  3. Evernote. Evernote is a surprisingly versatile marketing app for a varied and growing industry. On the surface, it’s a simple notation app, for jotting down your best ideas as quickly and easily as possible. But it’s the integration with all the other devices you and your team use for your work that make it the best notation solution in the game. Whatever device you use, there’s a way to sync your mobile notes. This is a remarkable simple way to communicate and evolve ideas in real time, no matter how many people are involved in the conversation.

These are just three of the literally thousands of apps which are introduced for businesses every year. Try them out and find some favorites of your own.