Here’s What You Need to Think About Before Getting a Boiler Replacement

After some time, your water boiler system becomes unreliable and inefficient. It will also start to break and use more energy than usual. Most of the time, boilers give out during the winter season because the demand for hotter temperatures is higher than usual. If you notice problems with your boiler, you should immediately call a professional to help you.

In most cases, a certified technician can still repair a defective boiler system. However, if the unit is beyond repair, your boiler engineer will advise you to install a replacement instead. Replacing a boiler can be costly, but at least you can significantly decrease your energy consumption by 90%. Also, you can substantially improve the safety of your home because newer models come with extra features that can prevent fires and explosion.

Your first few steps

A lot of homeowners shy away from purchasing boilers on their own. Unlike other home equipment, it’s difficult to select the appropriate type of boiler without a technical background or professional advice. Some of the questions you need to answer are – what kind of boiler system do I need, what brand should I select, and how much does boiler replacement cost?

The best way to purchase a boiler is through a registered boiler replacement company. They will provide options to choose from, depending on the size of your house, your daily water demand and budget. You should use sites like BoilerQuoteCompare to shop around.

Cheap vs premium brand

There are a lot of boilers sold on the market today. Most companies offer both premium and affordable brands. If you want to make the most out of your investment, you should choose a premium boiler instead of a cheap one. Premium models last a long time, so you don’t need to worry about constant repair or replacement. When you enquire about a product, we recommend asking at least three companies. This way, you can find the most suitable deal.

Buying from the energy suppliers

In the UK, homeowners have the option to purchase their boilers straight from the energy suppliers. As such, you can call your energy company, and see if they can replace the boiler for you. They can also help you select a suitable boiler for your house, once they finish conducting their inspection service.

Buy directly from manufacturers

Apart from hiring a boiler replacement company or contacting your energy provider, you can also purchase a boiler direct from the manufacturers. Among the three, this option is the least expensive. However, it does come with risks because you must already know which type or model you need to purchase.

You will need to determine the specifications of your current boiler system to find a more suitable replacement. If you make a mistake, it will result in costly consultation with a boiler engineer.

Replacement warranties

Whenever you purchase a boiler, make sure that you ask for the guarantee. After all, a replacement service does not come cheap. If your boiler supplier offers a warranty extension, we highly recommend availing of it. You can ask your Gas Safe certified engineer to extend the warranty for a small price.

Additionally, you must check the details of the warranty to ensure that it’s all-inclusive. Some product warranties may be vague, so always check and ask your boiler company or supplier for clarification. Contact them right away if you find anything dubious in the product warranty.

When you compare boiler companies, be mindful of their pricing, years of experience in the business, certification and permits, and available products. Use sites like BoilerQuoteCompare to check out every possible boiler company in the city.