Helpful Packing Tips Everyone Should Know

Getting to travel is exciting, but it can also be stressful at the same time. Many amateur travelers stress about packing because they don’t know what to bring. You don’t want to leave anything important behind, but you also don’t want to be stuck carrying a ton of luggage for just a few days away from home. It helps to create a plan, so you know exactly what to bring. The best way to get ready for any type of trip is to stick to the plan.

Your Luggage Matters

If your luggage is outdated and more than eight years old, you should first plan on buying replacements. You’re going to need something that’s durable, has working wheels to roll it, and has strong zippers. You shouldn’t just buy whatever bags you first see when you walk into the store; instead, find what works best for you and your specific needs. If you get luggage with four wheels at the bottom versus two, you’ll have an easier time moving it around. You should also consider if you want a soft suitcase or a hard one. A soft one allows you to stuff more in it, while the hard ones offer more durability.

Make a List

You can never go wrong with making a list. When you begin writing down the things you need, you’ll be able to see how many items you’re planning, and it’ll give you a chance to omit some things you really don’t need. It’s always best to pack as light as possible because it makes things much easier. If you don’t know where to start with making a list, you can always get one online. You always want to make sure you have your essential items, such as IDs, medications, contact lenses like Acuvue Oasys, emergency documents, funds, cell phone and charger, and boarding passes. Determine how many days and nights you’ll be gone to determine how many changes of clothes you’ll need.

Plan Activities

The best way to know you’re packing the right items is to plan out your activities in advance. Determine if you’re going to be doing physical activities, boating, sightseeing in the sun, or going to the beach. What you plan to do on vacation will have a big impact on what you need to bring. If you plan on dining in fancy restaurants, you’ll need to bring a formal outfit. You also must take into consideration the weather and plan accordingly.

Saving Room

The best way to pack light is to use a small suitcase, but if you can’t do that, there are other options for you. Always roll your clothes instead of folding them because it’ll give you more room. Pack your shoes at the bottom of your bag and then pack small stuff inside your shoes. Try to avoid using small bags, such as toiletry and makeup bags if you’re short on space because they end up taking up a lot of room. Pack only what you need and stick to your list to ensure you have room for the important items.