Get rich quick methods

(Khouri) Money

If you’re ever told about a get rich quick method – you know from the outset that it’s a straightforward untruth – so treat it as such. At the same time, there are those people who manage – so how do they do so without winning on the Lottery or the football pools?

Well there are various ways you can at least have a go. One is by starting your own business. This is probably the number one route to quick success if you can get your enterprise moving quickly and trading well. It’s most commonly then a question of selling part or all of the business in one way or another. This may be by selling a portion to an investor – a bit like happens on the Dragon’s Den TV show, for example. It could also be a stock market flotation that sees you raise many millions by selling off a large part of your holding – or it may be a straightforward sale of the whole business.

In this case, it’s best to try and find a business whereby you can get the respect of financial backers in the early stages and which is eminently scalable. It’s best to try and think big, find and expanding market and to really go for it – oozing confidence and industry knowledge. You may not make it – but you certainly won’t if you don’t try.

Another way some people make a lot of money quickly is by being successful traders. There are endless forms of trading, of course. The biggest market ibn the world by a long chalk is the foreign exchange market, with endless possibilities. If you can really get a feel for trading this market like George Soros, the possibilities are endless – but it’s a big “IF” obviously.

You can try your hand at trading this and thousands of other markets with Tradefair in demo mode only. If you can prove to yourself you have what it takes – the sky’s the limit. Just be careful out there and try to read up on as many different strategies as you can first. And when and if you do start trading for real money – only start with small amounts at first. Hopefully, you’ll be able to build up as you prove to yourself that you have what it takes.

The other way, though it’s not usually all that quick – is to get good at something for which there is a huge demand. In other words, become a great athlete, footballer, golfer, or brain surgeon etc.

David Beckham in action for the LA Galaxy, Image- TheDailySportsHerald via flickr Creative Commons

Otherwise, you’re going to have to marry for money rather than love, which is never a good idea, or you’re going to have to inherit your money from a wealthy relative or close friend –or you’re just going to have to hope you can get really lucky and quickly so.

Above all this stuff, though, remember that sudden riches hardly ever, if ever, brought anyone true happiness and inner contentment. So it’s far better to concentrate on being grateful for what you have and appreciating every day as it comes.