How to Find the Best Nanny

Finding a nanny to look after your children can be a headache. Putting that headache into the hands of a domestic household staffing agency is always the best way forward for many reasons. The professionals know what to look out for whereas over-protective parents may miss the mark. By seeking advice, parents may find that their fears can be overcome easily, especially when they know what being a nanny involves. When hiring a nanny, the best thing is to either hire someone who you already know, or get the services of a domestic household staffing agency.

Nanny having fun with kids (Creative commons)
Nanny having fun with kids (Creative commons)

Duties Expected of a Nanny

The Global Post gave a great rundown of what nannies are expected to do and these duties are different for every household, depending upon parent wishes and the age of children. The age of the nanny may be relevant too since often driving activities may be part of the job. From birth, right through to secondary school leaving, nannies are employed to be there when parents cannot. That may include caring for the children, supervising their home time, making sure that children bathe regularly and that they do their homework.

However, one of the first things that worries an absent parent is whether the nanny has sufficient medical experience to deal with emergencies when a child is in need of help. The upside to employing a nanny by means of a domestic household staffing agency is that all of the parent’s questions can be brought up and a nanny chosen who fits the requirements of the parents.

Baby in his crib (Creative commons)
Baby in his crib (Creative commons)


In the United Kingdom there are two colleges that train nannies. Norland College in Bath and Chiltern College in Reading offer qualifications to nannies. The Department of Education also offers courses so that nannies can take their NNEB Certification in child nursing, which many nannies hold.


A domestic household staffing agency take the above qualifications into account but also know the history and background of nannies supplied and this is vital to finding the right nanny. Whether a live-in nanny is needed or a nanny to be there for the children on a non-residential basis, the experience that the nanny has is vital.

Finding the Best Nanny

An agency will be able to suggest candidates for the kind of hours and duties parents believe they will need. Discussing with professionals, parents should take a tick list of all the questions that occur to them so that these can all be addressed. Once the job of finding that nanny is placed firmly into the hands of the professionals, it should only take a short while to fill that vacancy satisfactorily.