6 Key Features of the Mazda MX 5

The Mazda MX 5 is a beacon on the landscape of popular cars for its affordability, style, and highly enjoyable motoring. The newest version of the Mazda MX 5 radically undercuts other sports cars in terms of price, but doesn’t skimp on features or benefits. We take a look at the best things about this popular vehicle.

the Features of the Mazda MX 5 will wow you

1. Simple, Stylish Interior

The dash in the Mazda MX 5 is simply designed to suit the needs of the driver, and everything is laid out with convenience and style in mind. It has somewhat of a cockpit feel when you are sitting in the driving seat. And the finish to the interior is high quality, which is exceptional for such a reasonably priced sports car.

2. Easy to Use Internal Features

You have rotary dials on the dash for your heating and air con, plus the large touchscreen for the essential sat nav as well as the audio functions. The hood is easy to use and move, operated by a latch that sits at the base of the roof and is easily pulled out.

3. Just Enough Room in the Boot

Of course, being a small sports car you will never have the same amount of room as a family hatchback but there is just enough space here to fit a couple of suitcases or enough gear for a couple to take on holiday.

4. Excellent Balance

There is a heavy engine in the Mazda MX 5 but as it sits lower down in the car and a little further back it improves the overall weight distribution in the car and also assists in lowering the centre of gravity for a smoother ride and more efficient handling. Overall weight has been reduced, however, with the use of more aluminium in the suspension.

5. Agile Steering

You don’t have to move the steering wheel much to get a huge response in return. This is a nippy little car where you can find yourself lurching into bends with speed, and the responsiveness gives you excellent control when you need it. This is a true sports car ride, but you will also appreciate the control you have over this car.

6. Impressive Safety Record

Crash tests show that the newest Mazdas all come out very well in terms of safety, and includes features like excellent pedestrian protection as standard. In addition to safety features, you will also find it easy to get mx5 spares for this new car.

Image: Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net