A family holiday in Orlando – a recipe for tiredness? Worth every second!


A family holiday in Orlando is something to cherish. You ask any little boy or girl and 9 times out of 10 they will say the one place they want to visit is this theme-park packed holiday favourite, and thankfully costs have now reduced enough to make it possible, with a fair amount of saving, for most of us to embark on such a holiday at some point.

Money is obviously an issue regardless of how much prices to this part of the world have come down over recent years, so it’s important to save as much as possible on your break, without affecting fun or quality.

Shopping around will yield the best results, as well as thinking about teaming up with another family or group and hiring a villa for the duration of your stay, rather than paying per person in a hotel. You also get more in the way of home comforts with this idea too.

Obviously a flight to Orlando is a long-haul affair, and when you have littles ones in tow this can mean over-tiredness, over-excitement, and a recipe for stress. You can’t stop this happening completely, but you can find ways to reduce it somewhat.

Orlando is a tiring holiday, there’s no denying that, so stocking up on sleep is the way forward. Early flights have a habit of knocking the wind out of your sails when it comes to trying to be as rested as possible before you board, but a good way to let the littles ones have more rest is to drive yourself to the airport, rather than having to endure busy trains or long coach journeys.

You probably wouldn’t put the word ‘surviving’ into the same sentence as Orlando, because it’s such a happy, smiley place, but like we mentioned before, it is also extremely tiring, especially if you’re doing the theme parks.

The best way to make sure you see as much as possible, whilst cutting down on the amount of time you spend running around aimlessly is to plan a little in advance. If you head online you’ll find the opening times of the parks, as well as the special events that take place every night.

If you want to see the fireworks in Epcot, make sure you plan to go there on that particular day, as well as checking any planned ride closures, so you don’t waste a day heading to a park that isn’t offering what you want at that particular time.

It’s not about drawing up an itinerary, but it is about giving your holiday some thought, so you’re not still sat in your hotel or villa mid-morning, wasting half a day trying to decide where to go, when you could have been up and out two hours ago!

Surviving an Orlando holiday with your health and mind intact is very possible when you think ahead, making it much easier for you to enjoy everything this fantastically fun-filled part of the world has to offer.