What to Expect at a Sports Massage

Sports massage is becoming more popular and for good reason. It is proven to have beneficial effects on the body for athletes and non-athletes alike. If it’s your first time to get this massage, you might be curious about what it is like and how it is done. Your initial visit may include taking your medical and massage history. Your body profile will be checked to find any muscular trouble that needs to be treated. These and the following are some of the things you could expect from a sports massage session.

Your first visit

On your first appointment, expect to be asked why you want to get the massage. This will help your therapist get a clear understanding of your problem and what contributes to it. Be honest about any health issue, medications, previous injuries and your lifestyle. You can also tell your therapist about what you are trying to achieve from the treatment.

The actual massage

After getting your profile, be prepared to remove your outer clothing, so wear your best underwear or loose shorts. If you are not comfortable, you can tell your therapist that you want to have a chaperone during the massage appointments, and this should not be a problem. On your initial visit, your posture, range of movement and area of pain will be assessed. Like other forms of massage, oil or cream is used.

Techniques vary from deep tissue stretching to muscle energy. It addresses muscle problems, trigger points, back, shoulder and neck pain. Often, pressure is deep but you can tell your therapist if you are prone to bruising so they can adjust. Expect discomfort but not too much pain. Your therapist may teach you some stretches you can do on your own after the sports massage.

After the massage

Drinking water before and after the massage is good. Get enough rest because your muscles may be sore after the treatment especially if this is your first time. Some therapists advise clients not to do vigorous activity within 24 hours following the massage.

Is sports massage for everyone?

It is a common thought that sports massage is only for athletes, but anyone can benefit from it. It can help with body aches, posture problems, improvement of blood circulation, and more. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to undergo this form of massage because you can strain your muscles or develop bad posture even when sitting for long hours at your desk.

Sports massage is sometimes called deep-tissue massage and was developed to help athletes prepare for vigorous activity. It is geared towards prevention and recovery of injuries. However, you don’t need to be an athlete to reap the benefits of this form of massage. It is suitable for people with injuries, constant pain and restricted motion.  Therapists specialising in sports massage London offers generally concentrate on problems you present, so voice your concerns to them so that they can apply the right technique.


Image: pixabay.com