Exercising Harder Is Better Than Exercising Longer

People have different reasons for exercising. While some want to stay healthy and keep fit, athletes and many others are in it as a career. Those who are looking to stay fit and active can confirm that creating enough time for workouts is a significant challenge especially if they are busy with work, business, children and other things in life.

But there is nothing to worry about because studies have confirmed that you can spend less time at the gym and achieve more than those who spend long hours. So, what is the secret? It is in short bouts of high intensity workouts. Incredibly, only 30 minutes of hard exercise daily is needed to achieve your goals in health and fitness. Below are detailed insights on why exercising harder is better than exercising longer.

Why People Want to Exercise for a Short Time

While exercise is a crucial part of life, it is just one of the things people do every day. Actually, many people are not active because they literally cannot squeeze time in to jog or have a gym session. According to studies, work is the main reason why people do not have time for long sessions of exercise. They work for long hours, juggle more than one job and sometimes spend a lot of time trying to establish a business.

Others have to take care of their young families or study after work. Unfortunately, there are many people who cannot exercise well because they have challenging health conditions. For all these reasons, people are left with little or no time or opportunity to work out.

Exercising Harder

This is all about high-intensity training that takes less time. According to experts who express their views via fitness websites, the aim is to achieve a lot in a short time. The results are better than moderate workouts that are completed over a longer time.

  • Burn more fat – the fat burning effect happens long after you stop the exercise. So, if you engage in an HIIT session right now and go to work, your body will continue to burn calories for longer because the effect is still there. Therefore, this is better for people who are determined to lose weight.
  • Build more muscles – the same effect of burning fat long after one stops the exercise applies to growing more muscles. Many of us know that muscles grow the most after any form of exercise rather than while working out. In this case, growth has a longer time to take place.
  • Saves time – so, you do not have enough time to exercise for an hour a day. This is the right workout plan for you. Notably, 30 to 45 minutes of exercise is enough to make a difference in your body. For busy people, this is the way to keep fit.

The Takeaway

If you are planning to venture into business or already have a busy schedule, this is a great workout plan to consider. It does not matter what your fitness goals are because exercising with greater intensity for a shorter time will help you reach them. So, make an appropriate workout plan and work closely with a fitness expert for guidance.