Taking Your Fitness To the Next Level

Fitness is an excellent personal goal in order to promote a general state of well-being and health that will keep you on top of your game well. Many people have already incorporated a workout routine into their daily regimen, and if that is you then the start of a new year is an excellent time to take things to the next level by following a few simple tips and guidelines so that progress will not stagnate and the workouts will continue to promote an even greater degree of health than before. The key to the game is to try and always stay motivated so that previous gains or not lost and future gains are achieved.

There are lots of things you can do to help you learn how to get in shape. One of the first great ways to get in shape is to add the addition of a simple workout throughout the day so that the body becomes acquainted with the increased activity. Set an alarm so that it notifies you every hour on the hour and then when this goes off take a short break from whatever you are doing and do a minute or so of one of the body weight exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks, squats, or other similar lightweight exercises. Throughout the day this choice of exercise can be varied in order to keep the entire body active, and this is simple enough that many times it can be done at work. For example, stepping away from the cubicle in order to get a set in real quick may be slightly unrealistic, but there are lots of exercises you can do in an office setting.

Another great idea is to collaborate with a trainer if one has not already been part of the routine. This will allow you to stay in peak form and the trainer will be able to suggest even more great ideas since it is his or her job to understand how best to attack a sedimentary lifestyle. The trainer can also help with the pace of workouts. If you have been resting for lengthy intervals during sets then it is best to vary this by doing a circuit routine which does not allow time for the heart rate to fall negating much of the effort. A good circuit routine will incorporate about three to five muscles all in the same workout and there are many outlines online on good plans for this type of work.

A boost in intensity is also an ideal solution for taking fitness to the next level. Replace jogging or slow walking with burst sprints during some of the workouts. Also, high intensity weight training can double as a great cardio workout allowing you to take care of both things at once. Jumping is something that is many times omitted from even some of the best planned workouts, and increasing the amount of jump rope, box jumps, and lunge jumps (as examples) can be a great cardiovascular boost which is ideal for overall fitness.

Follow some of the above advice and make 2017 one of the best years ever for your fitness!