Why Every Parent Needs a Child GPS Tracker

One thing that causes all parents nightmares, is a child facing an emergency. It doesn’t matter whether it is at home or at school, parents simply want their children to always be safe. And in today’s world, that also means having a GPS tracker for your child.

Statistics to Demonstrate a GPS Tracker Is Necessary

Every day, there is an item on the news of missing children and kidnapping. 80% of missing people are aged under 18 in this country. This means that your child is not necessarily safe when they walk to school, their friends’, or town. You need to have a device that shows your child’s location in real time, at all times. That way, if your child is ever not where they are supposed to be, you will be able to find them straight away.

Different Devices for Different Situations

Not every GPS tracker is made the same. In fact, they were originally quite bulky devices that had to be powered by vehicles. Today, however, they also exist in “amber alert” models. The amber alert system is an international system used on missing children. It is named not after the color, but rather after 9 year old Amber Hagerman, who was kidnapped and murdered in 1996 in Texas.

An amber alert GPS tracker has a number of key features to keep a child safe, including:

  1. A 24 hour battery life, which means it lasts around two school days.
  2. Safety zone alerts, which means that you receive an alert when your child goes out of a certain area and into one they should not be in.
  3. A panic button that the child can press in emergencies, sending you an alert. This means that you will know instantly if your child is in danger, and time is of the essence in cases of child abductions.
  4. The ability to track teenagers once they start driving, showing you the speed that they are doing.
  5. Temperature information, which is very useful for younger children as you want to know that they are comfortable.
  6. The ability to connect the tracker to a cellphone, which means you can view the data on the go yourself.

Technically speaking, a GPS tracker is a gadget, but it is clearly an important one. Naturally, there is a price involved with it as well. If you purchase an official amber alert GPS tracker, you may also have to pay an activation cost. However, when you consider the fact that it will help keep your child safe, it seems that any price will be a small one to pay.

If you have any concerns about your child or where they are, or if you spend any time at all wondering what your child is getting up to and whether they get to and from school ok, then you need to invest in one of these trackers. It will also give your child the freedom they so long for, because you will always know exactly where they are.