Which Engineering Branch is The One For You?

Engineering is fast become the most popular choice for students across the United States when it comes to electing their major. It is easy to see why this profession has become so popular when you consider that a career in engineering can give you a great level of professional and personal reward.

Another attractive prospect in becoming an engineer is that there is a great amount of opportunity to become a specialist in your field or to climb the ladder of success such as successful engineer Reddy Kancharla did.  If you have decided to become an engineer then you will need to work out which is the best branch of engineering for you and here are some of the most popular choices.

Computer Engineer

Computer software and hardware specialists are some of the most highly sought after engineers in the land. Over the last 20 years the computing industry has significantly grown and there is more requirement for these skills than ever before. This branch of engineering will see you using your skills to create new ways of working with computing, developing software and further adding value to the way in which the digital world operates. Having the skills fit for a software engineer will not only give you the edge to advance your career but will make you earn a higher income for a salary rate of a software engineer can reach up to 6-figure mark every year.

Chemical Engineer

If you have a particular bend for the sciences then a career in chemical engineering could be for you. The role of a chemical engineer is to turn chemicals in to something of purpose and you could be working in any type of industry from manufacturing to medicine where you will be aiming to try to add to the world through your research.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is the umbrella name which is given to the men and women who shape the physical world which you see around you. Every building, bridge and transport link, every piece of infrastructure and every design of urban areas is created and crafted by civil engineers. This branch of engineering is the most popular choice for many students and it can offer a wide range of job roles within it.

Aerospace Engineer

One of the greatest accomplishments of mankind is the creation of the jet engine and the airplane and with a career in aerospace, you can be at the forefront of this incredible industry. Aerospace engineers must work incredibly hard during their education to amass the skills, knowledge and qualifications which are required to work in aerospace but they are rewarded with a career path which can take them to dizzying heights. Working in aerospace will see you playing a key role in the development and creation of new ways of flying and new types aircrafts and you will be working at the cutting edge of technology as you do so.

There are many more branches of engineering which you need to consider and whilst you could potentially traverse a couple of different branches throughout your career, it is important that you elect one as early as possible so that you can start laying your focus there.