Drive Home Motorcycle Safety

Many who ride motorcycles will tell you it is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

The freedom one gets when riding down the road or highway can be indescribable; something that can’t be duplicated when behind the wheel of a car or truck.


With that said, making sure you leave home and get home safely on your bike should always be on your mind, especially given all the traffic that is on the roads these days.

So, how can you make sure you and others are safe when you head out on your motorcycle at any given time?

Be Respectful and Responsive on the Road

When owning a motorcycle, make sure you have the following items covered from day one:

Bike safety – First and foremost, you need to be sure your motorcycle is always properly maintained, meaning safety never takes a back seat. Do regular maintenance updates on your bike, making sure things like the motor, tires, braking mechanisms etc. are all in top working order. If you have a problem such as a light being out or your tires are balding, by all means get the issue fixed immediately. Not only could you be putting yourself in danger riding a bike that is not properly maintained, but many other riders and drivers for that matter could quickly be placed at risked. Take your bike in to the shop for regular check-ups, making sure everything is up to date as far as maintenance intervals;

Wearing a helmet – While some states allow motorcyclists to get away without wearing a protective helmet, one’s safety is of course improved by donning such headgear. It is not uncommon in some states to see cyclists flying down the road with their hair in the breeze, leaving themselves unprotected in a worst-case scenario. Wearing a helmet gives you added protection should you unfortunately be involved in an accident. Not only that, your insurance costs could skyrocket if you are involved in a mishap and you suffer head injuries;

Dress the part – It is not uncommon to see one or groups of riders sporting jackets and other gear that signify being part of a motorcycle group. If you are part of such a group, showing off your names/logos etc. all go with the territory. Make sure each and every time you ride that you wear comfortably fitting clothing, thereby lessening the chances of an accident since you won’t be distracted pulling and moving your jeans, jacket, shirt and other such items around. You can opt for something like tobacco Kevlar jeans to make the ride fit and trim. Also be sure to be wearing any needed eyewear that allows you to see the road properly;

Rules of the road – Last but certainly not least, it is important for motorcyclists to obey the laws just as car and truck drivers do. Keep in mind that those operating vehicles can’t always see motorcyclists weaving in and out of traffic, leaving them open to potential blind spots in the road. In order to cut down the chances of an accident occurring, motorcyclists should not be flying up the side of a vehicle on the left or the right. Not only does this have the potential for the cyclist striking the vehicle, but the driver of a car or truck may change lanes without seeing the man or woman on the motorcycle until it is too late. If the roads are wet or have snow or ice on them, keep in mind that it can be much more difficult for a motorcycle to stop on a moment’s notice than a car or truck, so take it slow during inclement weather. Finally, make sure you have all your insurance needs up to date. In the event you are unfortunately involved in an accident, your insurance coverage can go a long ways in making sure you don’t have major financial problems on your hands.

Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most enjoyable and freest feelings in the world. When you find the proper bike, the right look, and obey the rules of the road, getting out on the open road with your motorcycle is something any rider will tell you they look forward to.