Domenic Carosa: What is Earnity and how does it work?

Earnity is building the future of cryptocurrency platforms through its bespoke, social-focused investment platform. The team at Earnity, headed by Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt, intends to create a space where its users can research, buy, sell, earn, and collect digital assets within a single one-stop shop. Founded by veterans of the FinTech industry, Earnity’s mission is to make digital assets more accessible to everyone.

One of the main barriers to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is simply the education of the general public about these new assets. Blockchains and cryptocurrency information are currently fragmented, making it difficult for people to access and educate themselves about cryptocurrencies. In order for these new forms of currency to actualize the vision laid out by early cryptocurrency creators like Satoshi Nakamoto, information needs to be open, peer-to-peer, and easily obtained.

Earnity aims to tackle this problem in its own unique way. Unlike any other platform before it, Earnity allows its verified users to interact with one another and form communities within which they are able to discuss the topics they are interested in. This allows experienced cryptocurrency investors to share their thoughts, experiences, and insights with those who are new to the space and interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

Further, its unique platform and content creator tools make it effortless for creators to share their experience and insights and allow these creators to earn a living by doing so. Through Earnity, verified users will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and earn an income for the content they create.

While the opportunity to earn money for content creation currently exists on sites like Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube, these sites are filled with information that is misleading, discombobulating, or simply wrong. Earnity will ensure that social media noise is cut out by verifying its content creators and removing the bots, fake accounts, and scammers that have plagued the cryptocurrency space for years.