Discover Your Due Date with a Pregnancy Calculator

Being pregnant is an exciting time in any woman’s life, a time filled with conquering new challenges, dealing with new emotions and, of course, the anticipation of your due date. You can plan and prepare your pregnancy as much as possible to ensure that you are feeling healthy and full of energy on the big day. However, in order to plan effectively, you first need to know where in your pregnancy you are. Each stage of your pregnancy will present its own unique set of challenges. To manage your pregnancy well and truly enjoy the experience, you should start by using a pregnancy calculator to determine your due date.

A pregnancy calculator allows you to easily determine your due date and find out how many days, weeks and months you have left until you welcome your bundle of joy into the world. Simply fill in the date of your last menstruation cycle and the length of your menstruation cycle and you will be given your due date. The calculator will also tell you which week of your pregnancy you are in and tell you a little about your baby in terms of how they typically develop at this stage of the pregnancy. With this information, you can better plan for the different stages of your pregnancy to ensure you and your baby are as happy and healthy as possible.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider using a pregnancy calculator to find out your due date.

Prepare Emotionally

Most pregnant women go through an emotional rollercoaster on a daily basis with hormones wreaking havoc. And, with a baby on the way, you will be experiencing a range of other emotions about the baby’s arrival, motherhood, your parenting skills and even your relationship with your baby. It can be a lot to handle, no matter how much support you get. However, knowing when your due date is, allows you to better prepare emotionally for the different stages of your pregnancy, the birth and motherhood, putting you back in control.

Get Your Finances Together

Being a parent nowadays is much less affordable than it once was. In fact, since 2007, the cost of raising a child in Australia has increased by more than 50%, making many people pay closer attention to the financial aspects of becoming a parent. Having a plan in place to help you manage your finances puts you in a much more comfortable position for when the baby comes. Put some money aside to purchase some of the things you will need for the baby in advance and avoid getting landed with having to make a lot of purchases shortly after the due date.

Organise The Logistics

Once you know your due date, you can start getting organised for his/her arrival. Start decorating the baby’s room in advance and if you are keeping the sex a surprise, simply stick with neutral colours. Set up a changing area and stock it with whatever you need to ensure you are ready when your baby comes home. Pick up furniture, bottles, bottle cleaner, a buggy, blankets, clothes and anything else you are going to need in the first few months. With your due date in mind, you can get everything you need well in advance of the big day.

Be Ready For The Arrival

Those last few weeks, you will be in full countdown mode, patiently awaiting your due date. Knowing what that date is going to be will help you get through any tough days you might have emotionally or physically in the last few weeks. It also gives you time to prepare a birthing plan, so that you know what to expect on the day of the birth. And, you can figure out the best route to the hospital in advance, get an overnight bag ready and have a contingency plan in place in case your partner is not there, your neighbour’s away or there’s bad weather on the day.

Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience for most women and a time in your life that you will always look back on fondly. Knowing your due date allows you to know where you are in your pregnancy and allows you to better handle each stage of your pregnancy with confidence. It also allows you to plan for the birth and for the arrival of your new baby as you have a date to work towards. With your due date decided, you can enjoy your pregnancy, knowing that when your baby arrives you will be ready to welcome them into the world as a happy and healthy mother.