Dealing With Pregnancy’s Downsides For First Time Mums

Finding out that you will become a Mum for the first time is one of the most magical moments that a woman can have in her life and whilst having a child is equally as special, the 9 months in between may not be. If you are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy but haven’t been to a doctor yet, you may want to check out an online due date calculator to find out your expected day of delivery.

Unfortunately, during the following 9 months, there are many problems which some women have and today we are going to give you some tips on how to survive and overcome them, should you experience any of pregnancy’s downsides.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is usually felt in the first trimester but it is not exclusive to that, and the levels of sickness do vary from mother to mother. It is widely considered that hormones are the cause of this nausea although recent studies at Liverpool University have suggested that it could be related to diet as well. There are many homeopathic treatments available to reduce morning sickness and acupuncture seems to have been the most successful so far.

Fluid Retention

Fluid retention is caused because of the body’s increased blood circulation and hormonal changes and you will usually see such a build up in areas like the ankles. In order to counteract fluid retention, you should try to avoid sitting down for too long, make sure that you get up and have a walk around to increase fluid movement. Another remedy which can help with fluid retention is reflexology.

Back Pain

Aches and pains in the back are natural given the additional weight which an expecting mother will be carrying. Another reason for these aches is that there is a hormone which works on softening the pelvis to allow for the growth of the baby, often this hormone can also soften areas of the spine. The best solution for back pain is to try and maintain good posture where possible, avoiding standing for long periods of time and avoid any lifting. Light exercise such as swimming and yoga can also greatly help to reduce the stress on the back.


Another result of the hormones which are flying around your body can be indigestion which takes place thanks to these hormones relaxing the valve at the base of the oesophagus. The first thing which you will need to do if you are experiencing indigestion is to try to highlight the foods which trigger it. In order to avoid the indigestion you should try and avoid any trigger foods which you have found, and you can also use reflexology to help with this. Other cures such as drinking a glass of milk on an evening, adding ginger to meals and drinks, as well as ensuring that you don’t slip when you sleep, but rather prop your head up slightly.

Some women have all of these issues, others will suffer from hardly any of them, if you do have problems however, there are cures and treatments which can help you minimize them.