Some Colombia Travel Destinations That Are Filled With Adventure And Fun

Are you interested in a trip that will take you to Columbia? There is no way to deny the fact that this would be a wonderful choice. The country is wonderful for every single person that wants to have some fun. German Trujillo Manrique says that it is even hard to argue with the fact that the country is one of the most beautiful in the world. You can even see Colombia as a great travel starting point that takes you to Brazil or Venezuela.

Colombia holidays are relaxing and fun. Tourism is really big and rapidly emerged. Numerous tourists visit because of the various forests, beaches, adventures and sightseeing opportunities that are available.

If you are interested in having fun and a lot of adventure, here are some Colombia travel destinations you are simply going to love.


This is Colombia’s second largest city, located in Aburra Valley. You will love Parque Explora since it is fun and educational, allowing adults and children to learn about technology and science. You will end up getting a sense of culture and history if you visit Museum of Antioquia and Botero’s art is featured. You will find Bolivar Square right in the middle of Medellin so be sure you spend some time there. The refuge is surrounded by shopping and restaurant opportunities.

Cartagena de Indias

This is another really popular city in Colombia, one with so much history. Cartagena’s historic center is actually officially labeled as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are thinking about visiting, be sure you do it at night since this is when it looks particularly interesting.

Ciudad Perdida

You should never forget about Ciudad Perdida, which is commonly known as Lost City. It is perfect for those looking for adventure. In order to reach this city you will need to go through a trek that would last around six days. However, this is well worth the 20 kilometers trip. Various rivers are going to be crossed next to indigenous villages. Inhabitants are warm and the Ciudad Perdida ruins you get at the end will be wonderful.

Amazon Rainforest

This is the largest tropical rainforest that you can see on Earth, a tremendous heritage site. There are so many different ways in which you can experience the rainforest, its wildness and wonders. Jungle expeditions allow you to enjoy numerous activities like jungle trekking, canoe rides, alligator spotting, bird watching, folkloric night shows, sunrise tours and sports fishing.

As you can so easily notice, Colombia holidays are filled with adventure and sightseeing. When you want to spend some time while on a beach, you go to one of the Caribbean Islands. It does not matter if you visit once or several times. There are always many different things that can be done in Colombia. You just need to take some time to plan.

Think about what you want to visit in Colombia and you are going to find exactly that, with just a little bit of research.