Clean Eating: Benefits and Importance

Clean Eating can be your ticket to good health

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What is clean eating? Most people associate it with trending diets such as paleo or veganism. But it is a lot simpler than that. Instead of revolving around the idea of consuming less or more of certain foods, clean eating is about understanding the food’s journey from its origin to your plate. Think about the last time you had meat for dinner? Was it grass-fed meat from a free range butchers? Or was it processed and sold to you in a package.

At its most basic level clean eating is considered eating ‘real’ foods. Food that is as close to its original form as possible. Food that isn’t processed or refined. The fewer ingredients the better. Think grass-fed meat over pre-packaged sausages. With so many advances in technology & food production it can be hard to transition to a clean eating lifestyle but once you know the benefits you’ll want to make the effort.

Clean Eating Benefits

Healthy gums, teeth, hair & nails

Getting rid of sugary & sweet processed food & beverages helps maintain a healthy mouth. You’ll cut down on the risk of developing cavities and gingivitis. A clean eating substitute for those with a sweet tooth can be found in fresh fruit & Greek yoghurt.

With a diet containing plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you’ll be sure to develop strong hair and nails. Throw in plenty of protein and you’ll have long locks and durable nails in no time.

More Energy

Get a clean eating kickstart to your energy with your first meal of the day. You want is to contain three important parts all found in a clean eating diet. Protein, whole grain carbs, and healthy fat. Combine these three parts in your clean eating diet and you’ll have energy reserves that’ll last you all day. Try your local free range butcher for the best source of these energy giving goodies.

Reduce Your Risk for Disease

Eating healthy goes hand in hand with clean eating. The health benefits extend beyond good hair and a smaller waistline. Clean eating can reduce your risk of disease. Highly processed foods often contain extra sodium, sugar, or fat that add unnecessary calories and additives, all of which have been linked to chronic conditions like heart disease, some cancers, and diabetes. By making sure half of your plate holds fruits and veggies, and by exploring the world of plant proteins like beans, soy, and nuts you’ll aim to prevent disease and stop it in its tracks.

A Boost to Your Mental Health

The benefits of clean eating extend past the physical into the mental as well. Your mood and current well-being are heavily tied to your diet & the specific foods you ingest. The omega 3 fatty acids that are found in large quantities in a clean eating diet can help alleviate depression. It can also keep moodiness at bay keeping you happy & healthy throughout the day. B vitamins are very common in a clean eating diet. B vitamins are known precursors to the feel-good brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin. Try adding more grass fed meat to your diet and experience an elevated state of mind & mood.

So now you know some of the many benefits of living a clean eating lifestyle. Why not give it a go yourself? Load up on ‘real’ foods bursting with nutritious content. Start off simple by heading to your local free range butchers, such as and pick up some grass fed meat and base your next meal off that. You’ll be losing weight & gaining energy in no time.