Classic Casino Games Are Still The Most Popular Online As Well!

There’s been plenty of interesting developments in the online gaming sector over recent years. Sports book style betting has exploded in popularity with in-play features, slots just get better and better, and yet even still the old-school casino classics still tend to run the roost, especially with occasional or new players. It’s interesting because roulette, blackjack, craps and video poker to name the big four are comparatively easy to ‘virtualize’ as on online gaming experience compared to other forms of gambling – so how can we still account for their popularity?

As we’ll see it’s a perfect combination of familiarity, ease of access, solid odds and also the emergence of new varieties of the traditional formats that keep players coming back to these style of games. But first and in order to explain how these classics still retain their popularity, let’s have a look at a great example of a site that offers a modern take on these formats.


Red Flush Casino & Classic Casino Gaming

Red Flush Casino is one of the best operators going when it comes to not just playing classic casino games, but also the option to play slot games at a secure online casino. Everyone has a different take on what a classic casino game should be, but when it comes to sheer game diversity between slots, video poker and f course the old table games Red Flush is a great case example.

This is because it offers a modern, streamlined and internet optimized take on such a wide variety of games. Baccarat, craps, blackjack, roulette, and high speed wheel games are all featured with plenty of varieties too. In part it highlights how multi-national so many gaming sites are nowadays – you can play for example any of 27 versions of blackjack, or maybe have a spin at European, American or even multi-wheel versions of roulette?

Familiarity Is The Key

Let’s draw a line in the sand for a moment – even established slots players can feel intimidated when taking on an unfamiliar format. In many cases these games are built around the same basic architecture yet with different graphics and presentation – yet still, these alone are enough to make them somewhat daunting despite their otherwise casual ‘fun play’ approach-ability.

On the other hand, when you see a roulette wheel or a blackjack table you can be anywhere in the world and the basic premise remains the same. Sure there’s masses of variants on these games available, yet the fact is that the core classic versions – identical formats that have been enjoyed for generations – don’t change. The staking arrangements, payouts and basic rules are the same, and it’s one of the key reasons why the vast majority of new players start out at least on this style of casino gaming.

Better Payouts?

This is arguable – but as a general rule the classic casino games are more open to playing strategy, whereas modern games and slots are more based upon more clinical budget control and stake optimization. It’s no secret that in terms of raw statistics the player will have a slightly higher opportunity to make a return when playing blackjack than any other standard game, however roulette offers much higher immediate returns for far higher the risk.

Any regular casino goer will have war stories aplenty of when the black cloud of bad luck followed them for the session, and they bust their budget within minutes. That’s much less likely with slots because – generally – it’s lower stakes and lasts much longer; with the classics it’s a much more instantaneous form of gambling.

Perfect For Mobile Gaming

Without question the classics are superior to complicated slots games for small screen smartphone gaming. Even smartphones from a few years ago can handle sharp enough pix-ratios to bring a roulette wheel to life, and game developers have literally redesigned their formats to be compatible with mobile devices. The next big step forward looks likely to see how the classics perform on smartwatches – and evidence suggests with recent slots developments in this field that it won’t be long before they’re dominating there too.