Celebrating a Quarantine Birthday

During this period of global pandemic, the vast majority of the population is confined to their homes. While world leaders are beginning to discuss the re-opening of some businesses, the return to a socially close world is currently some way in the future.

That doesn’t mean the calendar stops, however, and people are still having birthdays. Today we’re looking at how you can make a birthday a celebration even under quarantine!


Giving gifts is still possible, and if you choose carefully, you can give a thoughtful gift that supports a small or local business that’s in need of customers more than ever!

There are so many options you can tailor your gift perfectly to the person celebrating a birthday. One way to make it really special – and to make your gift more memorable – is to look into subscriptions. This means your gift keeps on giving, weekly or monthly.

For a voracious reader, you might choose a book subscription. Different companies offer different services, so you could choose characterful second-hand paperbacks from a bygone era, or the latest bestsellers in their favourite genre.

For a ‘foodie’ friend you have perhaps the widest choice of all, with subscriptions available for coffee delivery, cheese boxes, or fully prepared gourmet meals!

If you’re shopping around for someone creative, or who likes to keep busy learning new skills, a craft box monthly subscription could be the perfect gift. Whether you’re supporting an existing hobby or helping to start one, your friend is unlikely to forget your kindness.

Hosting a Party

While doing this in person is currently impossible, and even exploiting loopholes in government guidance to enjoy a socially distanced birthday party in a park or garden is very inadvisable. This leaves you with videoconferencing tools to arrange a party.

If you coordinate with friends, and get them all to log onto the same Zoom call, hangout or other group call at the same time, you can invite the person celebrating their birthday to what is essentially a surprise party! It’s even easier if you’re able to get help from a housemate, family member or partner who’s living with them.

In these difficult times, seeing friendly faces en masse can provide a real lift, and it’s well worth putting in the planning necessary to arrange one of these calls. There are also games you can play over video-chat, from quizzes and simple word games to fully fledged murder mysteries! It takes more setting up, but it’s worth it to make a birthday into a real celebration.