What is a Car’s Central locking and How it Works

Central locking came along in the 1950s and allows a driver to lock all the car doors by pressing a single switch. Modern automobiles would include the rear door and perhaps the fuel locking cap in the central locking system, and remote units are standard on most vehicles today.

Radio Frequencies

Modern central locking systems can be activated using a specific radio frequency by pressing the remote button. One can lock or unlock the car from a few metres away, and the hazard lights will flash once or twice to confirm the car is in fact, locked. If, for any reason, you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, rather than trying to force entry, which will damage the car, it is best to call in an expert, who can actually pick the locking mechanism, which unlocks the car without causing any damage. If, for example, you were looking for an auto locksmith in Perth, you couldn’t find a better outfit than Silverfern, auto locksmith specialists that service the Perth area, and with emergency call out support, you are only minutes away from a solution.

Anti-Theft Developments

The precise radio frequency that the central locking uses means it is extremely difficult to gain unauthorised entry. It is technically possible for a person to conceal themselves nearby, and with the right device, they can effectively identify the frequency, and then it would be possible to build a remote that would open the car. However, the person would have to go to so much trouble, it would not be worth it, unless you happened to have the Crown Jewels in your boot. The only way to gain entry into a modern central locking system is with a “through the door” approach, and by using specialised locksmith’s tools, a skilled person could open the door within minutes.

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Older Systems

These have knobs on each door that signify, up for unlocked, and down for locked, and when you lock the car, all four buttons will immediately drop, to show the vehicle is fully locked. With a system such as this, the locksmith will often go through the gap between door and frame with a special tool, and simply pull the knob up, which unlocks the vehicle. The central locking system is powered by an electric solenoid, and requires very little power to operate. Earlier version were known to suddenly lock the vehicle without warning, and that might occur when the driver in out of the vehicle and the keys are in the ignition.

Locked Out

It can happen to anyone, and in the event you lock yourself out, the best solution is to call in an auto locksmith, as there isn’t a car they can’t get into, and without causing any damage to boot! Central locking was introduced to reduce the number of car thefts and to make locking the car more convenient, which is great, however, it can pose a problem if it locks you out of the vehicle.

Central locking is still in a state of development, and soon there will be keyless vehicles that use bio data to control the locking system, which is why we will always need the services of a good auto locksmith.

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