A Great Way to Save Money Today 

Yoga is a great way to achieve inner peace and a clear mind. But it can be expensive to take classes and buy your equipment when you first get started.

I love yoga and have been doing it for years. I seem to spend a lot of money on my hobby, especially on the weekly classes. In recent times, I’ve found it more and more difficult to pay for everything in my life.

And then a yoga partner showed me a way how I could save money with my day-to-day purchases.

How I Make Savings and How You Can Too:

What would you say if I told you that you can get up to 20% cashback on your yoga equipment? And what if I said that this can extend to other parts of your life too, including buying your groceries and gas?

Most people would say that I’m crazy.

But, I’m not.

I make 20% cashback savings on everything that I buy and you can too.

How Can You Make 20% Cashback Savings?

I’ve started to use this iOS app on my iPhone called Saivian, which gives me 20% back on all the purchases that I make. You simply save your receipts, take a photograph and upload them onto this app. At the end of the month, you’ll get 20% back on all of the things that you buy.

Now, this does sound too good to be true and a little bit hard to believe.

Well, to get access to all of this benefits, you need to pay a $125 monthly fee to the company. This sounds like a lot, but when you consider how much money you’ll save it really isn’t.

Is this Legitimate? 

Yes, I’ve been using this now for a few months and I find I do make savings. You need to spend $600 per month to make savings. I have a family and groceries come to almost $200 per week, which means I save a lot with this app. I can even use this when I order my new yoga clothes online.

The Referral System: 

You can also join a referral system where you can make money from the company. If you refer three friends who sign up, you’ll get $5 each day as a commission. You’ll earn around $150 each month. The membership is only $125 per month.

There are different levels in this program. The more people who you refer, the higher the daily commission. And, it’s easier than you think to get people to join you – who doesn’t like getting money back on the things that they buy every day?

The Takeaway Message: 

I’m not trying to convince you that you should use this new app or try to get you to sign up. As a fellow yoga enthusiast who enjoys living life to the full, I’m just trying to pass on this amazing offer.

In a very simple way, if you spend more than $600 a month, you’ll save more than the membership fee. If you get three friends to sign up, the commission covers the fee and everything else is profit.