Best Storage Hacks for Small Bathrooms

If your home or apartment has a small bathroom, then organization will be essential to enjoying the space. A small bathroom can be enjoyable and functional, but you will need to have the right organization and storage in place. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your small bathroom with creative storage.

Use the Back of the Door

A storage caddy or towel rod mounted to the back of the bathroom door creates storage that is out of the way. This also keeps the items close at hand. When the door is shut, you can easily grab what you need to finish your daily care routines. If you are going to use this space for a towel bar, consider adding two or three, stacked vertically, to increase your storage space.

Embrace Baskets

Baskets provide a great storage solution for everything from your toiletries to rolled-up linens. You don’t have to have a ton of counter space to use them, either. Consider an over-the-toilet shelving unit, or mount baskets to the wall to create a shelving system of your own. You can place baskets on the floor if you have floor space to create additional storage.

Add a Magnetic Strip

You likely have several small, metallic items in your bathroom. Tweezers, nail clippers and even bobby pins can stick to a magnetic strip. Install one under the sink or in the vanity cabinet door to give you an easy place to stash these items.

Choose Outside-the-Box Storage Solutions

Look around your modern apartment, towhomehome, or house. Are there any storage solutions that would fit into your bathroom? For example, a multi-tier fruit stand from the kitchen could be moved into the bathroom to hold washcloths and toiletries. Could you hang a cute file basket from your office on the bathroom wall to hold toilet paper and bathroom reading material? If you look more closely around your space, you will come up with some creative storage hacks that work well in the bathroom.

Hang Vanity Shelving

On the wall near the vanity, hang some small shelving. Then, place a container on this shelf to hold your makeup brushes and other small beauty supplies. This will keep them close at hand without cluttering up the vanity.

Enlist the Help of Some PVC

PVC doesn’t have to just be used for pipes. Cut some small pieces of PVC and hang them on the inside of the cabinet door under your sing. This is the perfect place to tuck your blow dryer or curling iron for easy access. Attach some to your shower caddy, and hang your razors safely inside. PVC is cheap, water-resistant and perfectly suited for bathroom organization.

A well-organized bathroom will make your morning routine simple. If your space is small, take these organization tips to heart to transform it into a functional and comfortable space.