Barry Nix Trucking named the best trucking company in the industry

One only has to scour the country’s roads to note the sheer volume of trucking firms that operate. Once upon a time it might have been something of a monopoly, but now there are countless companies aiming to get a slice of the action.

Of course, whether or not all of these are actually good trucking companies is a different matter in its entirety.

A recent study has attempted to chart the best trucking companies in the industry, with Barry Nix Trucking taking the mantle as the best for the current period.

Following on from this, we have documented the full results into this post and we’ll now take a look at some of the most established trucking companies around.

Barry Nix Trucking

Let’s start with the leader, with Barry Nix comfortably becoming victorious this year. This company has 37 drivers and is based in Texas.

However, perhaps the most favorable statistics relate to its very low rate of crashes. No crashes involving injuries or fatalities have been recorded, with these records dating back for the past two years.

Another reason why it performed so impressively is probably related to the type of cargo that it can carry. General freight, motor vehicles, liquids, gasses, oilfield equipment, US mail, construction supplies and fresh produce are just some of the possible cargo – and obviously this opens up the company to a lot of possible business.

Schneider National

Next on the list is Schneider National. While it didn’t quite manage to overcome Barry Nix in the battle for top spot in the league standings, the fact that this is the largest privately owned company of its ilk in the country at least makes it worthy of a mention.

There are no fewer than 14,000 tractors which operate within this fleet, as well as other vehicles. In addition, it wracks up millions of miles every single day and acts as a carrier for over half of the companies which are based in the fortune 500.


Another significant name on the list is Roadway. Again, if you are a frequent driver on the country’s roads, this is another brand that you will have seen plenty of times. It has over 32,000 trailers, carrying almost 50,000 shipments every single day. This is also regarded as one of the best companies to work for in the field due to their generous bonus scheme for employees.

Yellow Transportation

The principles of this company meant that we simply had to give it a mention. As the name might suggest to some of you, it was historically a bus and taxi company. Over time, it moved into trucking and actually changed its company color to orange. This was in a bid to improve safety, with research from the 20s suggesting that people would be able to see the orange trucks much more clearly than the yellow alternatives.

Of course, it’s not all about color. Yellow transportation have emerged as one of the industry’s best and again have countless benefits for those that work for them.