Advice On How To Build A Child Custody Case

Many couples neglect the opportunities available to resolve disputes in an amicable way. This happens because stress and emotion of divorce and separation is very hard to deal with. When children are involved, everything is more complicated.

During child custody cases it is really common to see that both parents believe they are better. Obviously, it is the judge that will make the final decision based on the case presented in front of him, unless an amicable solution can be agreed upon through mediation. If you are in such a situation, you do want to build a good child custody case. Here is how you can do this, based on the expertise of child custody lawyers in Harrisburg PA.

Actually Building The Case

  • Know The Role You Have

The fact that you are a father, mother or grandfather does not count in court. You need to basically prove you are a better fit than the other party. It is expected that your role in the life of the child is presented. That means you have to talk about what you do with the child. Meaningful experiences accounts are preferred and do help the case.

  • Keep Records

The fact that you feel responsible and love your child is never enough. The custody trial is when you have to document the things you can do for the child. This includes financial, educational, spiritual, physical and emotional support. Journals that note instances you believe the judge or the attorney find helpful are recommended. Remember that the judge is interested in what you are going to do instead of what someone does not do.

  • Homework

When the child is school aged, questions about school attendance and performance appear. You want to demonstrate that you have positive involvement in the education of the child. Involvement in PTA and going to parent-teacher conferences are great things to point out.

Child Custody Pitfalls

  • Never Make Assumptions

You should never believe that the judge is going to favor you simply because of financial stability, gender or other factors. Custody is all about the party that offers the child the highest possibility of growing up in a really good environment. Character is really important.

  • Blaming The Spouse

When you are involved in child custody cases you should never be too critical or just do your best to discredit the spouse. If you are overly critical and you keep finding faults there are huge problems that appear. Blaming simply makes it seem like you do not work with the other parent and you do not care about the well-being of your child.

  • Die Hard Habits

With custody cases the past is surely going to end up haunting you. It is quite important that you do not rely on alcohol or drug use on a day-to-day basis. You are going to lose your custody case when there is a history of physical, sexual or drug abuse that the spouse can present about you. Once again, the main issue is the individual’s character.