5 Ways to Protect Your Phone from Physical Damage

Let’s face it: durability is the Achilles’ heels for smartphones. Phone manufacturing companies are aware that consumers are not only after phones with cutting-edge technologies but also they provide equal importance to the robustness of their preferred device. Yet, there is no absolute guarantee that an accidental fall or a sudden shower that catches phone users unprepared would not lead to sending their devices back to service centers.

Of late, several manufacturers are including hardware parts that are capable of withstanding heavy shock or are attributed with water or weather proofing capabilities. Unfortunately, such smartphones bear premium price tags and are beyond average users’ reach.

So, if wish to be a carefree phone user, either opt for one of the premium devices or follow a few easy steps to immune your phone from physical damages:

  • Get Your Phone A Strong Case: A smartphone case functions as a tough external shell that protects your precious device from external shocks or sudden impacts, such as accidental falls on hard surface. While choosing a suitable case, one needs to consider the material that has been used to manufacture it. A high quality phone case usually comprises two protective layers, hard polycarbonate and a tough rubber skin. The rubber is the first layer of shock absorber that protects your phone from any strong impact in the external environment. The polycarbonate layer beneath the rubbery cover helps in maintaining the structure of the case intact and stops the impact generated shock from affecting your phone.
  • Screen Protector: What is the most common type of physical damage that your phone may suffer? A broken screen. So, this is one of the critical areas that you must focus. A broad spectrum of options is available in the market, matching users’ budget and usability needs.
    Choose a high quality curved tempered glass screen protector for your phone and it would stop the screen from being easy damaged or scratched from the ravages of daily life, you can find iPhone 8 cases here.
  • Don’t Use Wet Hands: Touching your phone while your hands are wet is one of the major reasons behind its physical damage. Such incidents occur out of sheer impulsiveness. Yet, if you wish for your phone to last long and work reliably, then this one habit you have to quit. Wet handling of a phone not only increases the chance of water slipping inside the device and affecting its internal hardware but also water on the phone’s exterior damages its color, finesse and overall appearance.
  • Are You Holding It Right? A surprisingly large number of phone users don’t know how to hold on to their devices. Quite often one comes across young users who use fingers to take phone out of their pockets or prefer holding it casually while chatting with others in a group. A small push or a little nudge from someone passing by may lead to an accidental fall and severe damage.
  • Don’t Put Your Phone Randomly Around The House: If you love your current handset and continue using it for a while, then get rid of the habit of placing it randomly across the house. Other folks might unmindfully throw it on the floor while cleaning, sit on it or kids might start jumping on it. Always place it in a place, where the phone is easy to locate or notice and kids cannot reach for it easily.

Consider the above-mentioned tips to keep your phone out of harm’s way. The small initiatives on your part will save your phone from being damaged, keep its grace unhampered and relieve you from spending extra amount for repairing purpose.