5 Things For A Safe Motorcycle Group Riding Experience

You don’t need us to tell you how fun and entertaining a group bike ride can be. You may probably have already experienced several road trips with your friends while riding as a group and going on adventurous places for partaking in many activities. 

And without a shadow of a doubt riding with friends as a batch can be a whole lot more entertaining than riding on your bike alone. Your friends traveling alongside with you, ready to support you if anything happens while your unit continues to cut through the winds on the open roads. There cannot be a feeling of peace, joy, and wholesomeness like this. 

However, where there is so much entertainment in this group activity riding as a group while traveling close to each other can expose you to a number of risks. If you do not follow proper unit riding rules and etiquettes the chances of mishaps increase drastically. 

To ensure your personal safety and also the safety of your other motorcycling buddies here are the top 5 group riding tips that will help you to maximize your safety and entertainment. 

Commence a full group check 

As soon as everyone arrives at the agreed location and on the time its time to roll right? Wrong! Even if everybody has arrived on time at the agreed place. You cannot even think about hitting the road unless you commence a full group check. 

In this check, there will be a headcount to ensure everyone has arrived. After the headcount, there will be a full unit vehicle check. In which every member of your unit will check and test their two-wheelers to ensure they have enough fuel, their brakes are working, they have proper safety gear, and so on. 

Check the supplies 

Assuming that you are going on a ride with your friends, chances are you probably will be planning to go on a long road trip or for an adventurous vacation in a distant place. In that case, you will not expect to travel with full peace of mind if you do not have supplies that you can use on the road and when you reach your destination. 

You will need to carry crucial supplies like first-aid kits, snacks, any clothing items, water, extra fuel supply, etc. If you forget your supplies or lack the supplies you need you may need to ask your friends and if they do not have any spare items for you then you will no doubt have to make do with what you have and that will ultimately reduce the fun.  

To ensure you are good on supplies we recommend using Viking Bag’s motorcycle backpacks or equipping your ride with Viking Bag’s trunk bags that will also help you to look great while riding. 

Respect the distance 

After all the pre-travel checks are performed now it’s time to hit the road. When you ride as a group you cover a lot of road areas that can slow down the traffic behind your group. It is always a best practice to travel in a strategic formation while keeping a respectable distance between each rider.  By maintaining this distance you will ensure safe braking and reduce the chances of collisions. 

Display good road skills 

Here is the deal, not everyone in the group will be as expert in bike riding as you maybe. A group means there will be people with different levels of bike riding experience. Some may have years of experience under their belt and some may do not even have the riding experience of 3 months. 

Therefore while riding it is important that you keep all the factors in mind. Do not try to overtake each other, do not maneuver dangerously because that may result in a rider losing their balance or falling. Therefore always go on slow and respectable speeds to remain in reach and sight of the others while going alongside them. 

No one lefts behind 

When you travel as a group it is imperative that you display manners of group riding. The riding ‘code’ should be not to leave anyone behind. You are a group and should stick together all the way to your destination. If someone gets behind the group then it is very respectable that the whole group stops and waits for the rider to catch up with the group. 

Not only with this type of riding manners will make the bond of your group stronger but will also ensure the safety and wellbeing of all the unit members.