5 Questions to Help Set Up the Right Business Phone System

Is your current business phone system unable to keep up with the increasing demands of your company? While the digital age has ushered in a plethora of choices in terms of communicating with employees and customers, the telephone continues to be a staple in many businesses. Gone are the days when the telephone was only capable of making and accepting calls. Now, you can use a modern phone system that comes with a variety of features that help fuel business growth. These questions should help you choose the right call handling solutions for your company.

1) How many employees need dedicated telephones?

Depending on the needs of your business, some or all employees may need dedicated telephones. For example, it’s beneficial to give a dedicated phone to each member of your sales team. But your service department may do just fine by sharing 1 or 2 phones.

2) Do you have multiple locations?

Setting up business telecoms for a company with multiple locations can be a bit tricky, but picking the right provider makes things more manageable. Consider getting a single phone number that can be answered at each location. Be sure that you can also transfer calls from this number to the right department in your company.

3) Will you offer telecommuting?

By now, the benefits of telecommuting are firmly established. They offer so much flexibility for employees, enabling them to work remotely without compromising performance quality. A seamless connection between your office and off-site locations can ensure a smooth workflow. This is particularly useful if you have employees hitting the road frequently, as you can get in touch with them on their desk or mobile by calling a single number.

4) Are there several employees tasked to answer inbound calls?

It’s common for businesses to have a team of employees that answer inbound calls for billing, sales, or customer service. In this case, a call queue feature proves beneficial. It allows you to put callers in a queue and have them listen to an audio clip while waiting. You may also want a call recording feature so you can monitor and assess the quality of all calls.

5) What will your business requirements look like a few years from now?

Looking ahead to the future needs of your business can help your telecommunications service provider create a system that can accommodate any expansion you may require. This can lead to a huge cost savings compared to installing a completely new system.

Buying a new phone system for your business may not be as straightforward as you imagine. It entails doing quite a bit of research about the new features found in business telecommunications services. Defining your unique requirements and factoring in the growing needs of your business can help solidify your decision. Remember that the good old telephone can do much more than accepting calls from customers. It can be a powerful tool for streamlining different business operations and giving your brand a personal touch by speaking directly to your target audience.