5 excursions you can’t miss from Rome!

Colosseum? Check.

Pantheon? Check.

Trevi Fountain? Check.

It’s time to put down that Top Attractions in Rome guide book and set foot outside the city to get the full Italian experience of medieval castles, charming villas, historical mysteries and so much more. So come venture beyond the capital’s ancient walls to discover the remarkable excursions from Rome.

Villa d’Este

Step into the world of the Great Gatsby with a visit to the gardens of Villa d’Este. Situated across from Hadrian’s Villa, this beautiful spot features a grand mansion and charming gardens sprawled across the grounds that are quite picturesque but also contain a historic side to them. Their integration of works of art and water dates back to the Renaissance era as they are intertwined into scenic landscape offering an aesthetic appeal to those who wander throughout the gardens. Their maze-like paths are filled with marble statues, musical fountains and trickling waterfalls that open a doorway to dreams making it a pleasure to get lost inside.


Castelli Romani

As a breathtaking pocket of lush hills and sparkling lakes, Castelli Romani is the perfect spot to escape the heat of summer. Only about an hour and 20 km southeast of Rome, 13 towns are stretched across the Colli Abani, or Alban Hills, conjointly known as the Castelli Romani. Each town expresses its own highlights and character, boasting charming villas and wineries, unique museums, sprawling fruit orchards, etc. Keep an eye out for Castel Gandolfo, or the summer home of the Pope!



Depart Rome for the day and travel to the beautiful city of Bracciano! Just 32 km northwest of Rome in the region of Lazio, this town is known for its volcanic lakes and striking medieval castle, Odescalchi. The lake of Bracciano offers a lovely panoramic view of the green countryside perfect for picnickers and wandering nomads. Take a walk through time to explore the medieval alleys of the city center and its antiqued churches and museums – this town has a drop of everything!

Odescalchi Castle


Attention history lovers! Located about two hours by train from Rome, a day trip to Pompeii is a must if you wish to get a peek into the aftermath of the 79 AD volcanic eruption. This catastrophic event completely transformed the once thriving city and you now have the chance to walk among its ruins to see the remains of 2,000 year old homes, restaurants, shops, brothels and more as well as see actual plastered body casts of those who died in the eruption. Be sure you make time for a visit to the National Archeological Museum of Pompeii to see the excavated art works and artifacts from the site!


Sabine Hills (Sabina)

When you think Italian countryside, you think Sabina. Found a little under two hours from Rome in the Province of Frosinone, the Sabine Hills, or Sabina, exerts the classic Italian image of rolling hills covered with olive groves and scattered with hilltop castles and medieval villages. With its preserved landscape, it serves as one of the best hiking spots in all of Italy with dozens of trails that reward hikers with beautiful views and an incredible backdrop for the best photos of the Italian countryside!

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