What to Do When You Suspect an Employee is Using

Suspecting that an employee is using drugs can be devastating especially if he/she is full of talents and a great asset to your company. You do not want it to be true, but the signs are there, too glaring to be dismissed. A drug user will drag your company and slow growth, regardless of how much potential he has. What do you do? You cannot simply call him out and accuse him because again you do not have proof. You cannot tell him that it is a performance issue because you would have to wait for him to mess up enough for you to react without seeming suspicious.

It is a tricky situation and must be handled with care. Here are some tips to help you deal with the situation.

Look for All the Signs

You have been suspicious of this employee for months now because you have seen one or two signs that show that he is using, but what do you do? The signs aren’t enough to conclude. Well, look for more signs.

Does he have frequent mood swings such as withdrawals from people and social gatherings, being highly irritable, looking very depressed or overly excited? Is his appearance changing? Is he looking rough and unpolished as opposed to his previously polished looks? Are there signs of weight loss or weight gain? How about his performance at work and personal relationships and relationships with other staff? These are signs that may prove that your employee is using drugs.

Document Your Findings

It is not enough to look out for signs without a plan. Write down your findings and signs. Document everything to be able to point specific instances as well as make crucial decisions. Documenting will help you create an efficient and effective plan of action. If you eventually meet the employee to discuss the issue, you would already have documents to back up all that you say. Remember to be objective and not let emotions rule your judgment.

Get Help from Professionals

Dealing with a user can be difficult. You do not want it to get messy as it may affect your company, other employees and the employee you suspect is a user. This is why you need the help and expertise of professionals whose job is to deal with these types of issues. A professional will ask what plan you have, help you improve the plan or suggest a better plan. A professional also advises you on what to do to prevent future occurrences such as administering a 10 panel drug screen and background check.

There are many drug test centers depending on the city your company is situated. If your company is in Texas, you can get your employees tested at drug screen compliance Odessa TX.

Do not delay in taking the right steps when you are suspicious of an employee. Reach out for help as soon as you can especially if the employee is being difficult. You do not have to deal with it alone.