Vehicular Overhaul – Handy Tricks To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle

For many of us, our car is our baby and we all want what is best for our babies!

We want them to run, we want them quiet, but most of all, we want to keep them with us as long as possible. Here are some top tips and tricks that will help keep your car in tip top shape!

Service Regularly

Servicing is not just for when your car is experiencing a problem or keeping your warranty intact. If servicing is always done on schedule as recommended by the company that make the car and by a reputable service like Euro Motor Sport, you can rest easy knowing that your car is that much more likely to go the distance.

Tire Maintenance

Monitoring pressure on your tires and following safety guidelines for different conditions has a number of benefits. You will be safer and consume less fuel overall as well as extending their life. As well as keeping your tires correctly pressurized you should also rotate them about as often as you get serviced, this also makes them last longer.

Clean Your Engine

Cleaning the outside of your car is important but people forget that what is under the hood can benefit from regular cleaning as well. Dirt and oil residue can build up in and around your engine and this can lead to poor performance and rust and corrosion. To get the most out of your vehicle you should pop the hood annually and give everything a good scrub.

Read Up on Your Owner’s Manual

No two car model are exactly alike and no one knows your car better than the manufacturer. With this in mind your owner’s manual should contain everything you might need to know about caring for the specific needs of your car.

Avoid too Much Sun

Too much sun can be a real problem for a car’s exterior.

Sun exposure can cause the paint to fade and this diminishes protection from the elements meaning your car will be more susceptible to rust. If you aren’t able to store your car in a garage when you aren’t using it then you should consider investing in a car cover.

Change Your Oil at Least as Often as Recommended

This tip is especially important for owners who are often driving in city traffic.

Changing your oil as regularly as possible will keep corrosive metals out of your engine and prevent as much dirt and oil build up in car parts.

Be Conscious of How you Drive

How you drive your car can also impact it’s shelf life.

Being a speed demon who always pushes your car to it’s limits will wear out everything faster. Your tire won’t last as long and the wear and tear will build up faster. For best results, just drive safely. Follow speed limits and accelerate and decelerate slowly.

Better Quality Oil and Fuel Is Better…

We have all wondered if paying extra for premium is worth it and, unfortunately, surveys say that it is. Even more important, however, is consistency. If you aren’t convinced about premium over regular that’s okay, just try to stick to using the same kind. Switching formulas can cause more problems than the benefits of sometimes using premium can have. Just pick one and stick to your preference!

Mindful Storage

If for any reason you know you won’t be driving your car for an extended period of time, you can do a few things to ensure it will be as good when you get back as when you left it. You should store it away from the elements and remove your battery to prevent unwanted drainage.

Every car is different and as long as you pay attention and take notice of little changes in the way your car handles and drives you will be able to keep it kicking as long as you might like.