Top Tips To Bash The Bookies When Gambling on Football

Online sports betting has completely revolutionised the way in which we watch sport and none more so than football. Football fans can now place bets from their pocket using mobile betting, they can bet a far wider range of markets than ever before and they can even place bets during the game.

Such is the popularity of football betting, it has become a regular feature of pub talk and anyone who enjoys football can now enhance their experience of the game and hope to win some money through online football betting. In order to get the most of the vast number of opportunities at making money though football betting, here are some tips which you should stick to.

Keep it Simple

There are still many people who love nothing more than placing a bet on a 16 team acca which will see their pound coin earn them upwards of £100,000. This is all well and good, and if it comes in then you will be shouting from the rooftops. The fact of the matter is that the reason the odds are so high in the first place is because it is incredibly unlikely to come off and you will have thrown your money away. A far better method is to keep your bets simple, stick to trebles or fourfolds at most, unless you’re betting on overwhelming favourites.

Cash Build

We all love the idea of winning big but a far more sensible, and profitable option is to look at building up your cash pot with higher stakes on lower odds. If you started with £25 for example and placed bets only on odds of 1/3 and bet your winnings each time, then in 10 bets you’d be sitting on a £1000 profit. Nothing is certain in sports, far less football, but the bookies aren’t often wrong and 1/3 is a very probable outcome. This method is far better than staking a fiver on a 5/1 shot and hoping it comes off.

Bet In-Play

The biggest benefit which online betting has brought with it is the ability for you to bet in-play and it is the best way to really boost your winnings. The beauty of in-play betting is that you already have a feel for how the game is going as opposed to running the risk of betting on a team, only for them not to turn up. One of the best ways to boost your balance with in-play betting is on the over 0.5 goals market. If there is a game going into the 50th minute or later that is still 0-0, you can put some money down on anyone scoring a single goal, and get some great odds for it. Most goals come late in games and a 0-0 result often has a very low chance of happening. Keep your eye on the games as they take place and use your money to bet in-play for maximum returns.

There are many different strategies and methods to online gambling and it is important that you find one which works for you, and don’t deviate from it if you want to win big.