Top Destinations 2013

With only a few weeks left until the official start of the summer, many have already planned their holidays. Those who haven’t (and who need a little bit of inspiration) will find some interesting suggestions in the list below.

Top Holiday Destinations for 2013

Sri Lanka

Due to political instability, for many years the majority of travellers who visited the Indian subcontinent skipped Sri Lanka and went to India instead. However, this trend is slowly changing, and the so-called “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is emerging as one of the best-rated holiday destinations in the world. Charming colonial towns, ancient fortresses and temples, wildlife watching, tea plantations, and exuberant nature are some of the things that travellers can expect to find in Sri Lanka.


This tiny Central American country is the ideal destination for nature lovers. The ever-changing landscape will take visitors through coffee-growing highlands, white-washed villages, lush rainforests, volcanoes, tropical islands, and remote beaches. For a change of scenery, visitors can head to Panama City, the country’s cosmopolitan capital city, which boasts impressive architecture, numerous shopping opportunities, and a great nightlife scene.


When it comes to holiday destinations, Oman is a real newcomer. The country occupies the easternmost end of the Arabian Peninsula, and is sandwiched between Yemen and the UAE. Oman is a perfect sun destination all-year-round and offers a host of unique experiences and landscapes. The capital, Muscat, is a pleasant city by the seaside, and its museums, parks, markets, and palaces can keep visitors entertained for days. Oman is also great for adventure sports enthusiasts, as it is possible to go rock climbing, scuba diving, and camel racing in several parts of the country. For additional peace of mind, visitors engaging in these activities can purchase cheap travel insurance that covers them against any eventuality.


Although only a couple of hours away from touristy Thailand, Burma has managed to remain isolated and little known for decades. Luckily, recent changes in governmental policy have made travelling to this exotic Asian country easier. Must-visit locations include Inle Lake, Mandalay, the mountain village of Kengtung, the temple at the top of Mount Popa, Bagan, and the unspoilt beaches in the southern region of Ngapali.


Those looking for a rewarding holiday destination closer to home should consider Malta. This Mediterranean island has a rich historical and cultural past, which is evident in its traditions, gastronomy, and archictecture. Valletta is the smallest European capital, but that simply adds charm to the city, where visitors can wander around medieval buildings and castles, take a stroll along the seafront, and indulge in the flavours of Maltese cuisine.

Photo by iris0327 on Flickr