The Top Beauty Treatment Risks and Side-Effects You Should Know about

There are many kinds of beauty treatments you can avail of today, and this range of beauty treatments includes simple manicures to waxing and laser hair removal. But if you are well-versed with the news, you will also know that some beauty treatments carry a lot of risks. In fact, beauty treatment injuries have risen substantially in recent years, and the number of injuries is quite alarming, to say the least. Here are the top beauty treatment risks and side-effects you should know about.

Risks and side-effects with chemical peels

Many women (and men) undergo chemical peeling to give their skin a healthy glow. But since chemical peels make use of chemicals – big surprise – to peel away the surface layers of the skin, this can also result in swelling, redness, and itchiness. The higher the concentration of chemicals the technician uses, the more skin layers will be removed, and this can also lead to infections as well as scarring.

Risks and side-effects with laser hair removal

As you may already be aware, there are certain risks associated with laser hair removal treatment. The side-effects of such treatments include not only skin redness and swelling, but also burns in different degrees. Some individuals who have undergone laser hair removal treatment also report skin discolouration and scarring. To avoid such injuries, your technician should perform an assessment of your skin, including the hair which is to be removed, so they know the level of laser intensity to use.

Risks and side-effects with hair dyeing

A lot of women dye their hair, and with excellent results. But hair dyeing brings with it certain risks as well, due in great part to a certain ingredient: PPD, or p-Phenylenediamine. Some individuals may be allergic to this ingredient, and their reaction can range from dermatitis and skin redness or scaling to swelling and even difficulty in breathing. The salon should always perform a skin patch test first before you undergo hair dyeing.

There are more beauty treatment procedures which carry risks, such as manicures and pedicures (a frequent cause of infection), waxing (causing burning due to the improper handling of hot wax), tanning (resulting in burns and other injuries to the skin), and more. If you have become injured due to any type of beauty treatment, you should ask for compensation – you have every right to do it. You simply have to show evidence of your injury and evidence that the beauty salon was at fault – either for not following procedure, using faulty equipment or ingredients, or simply by being ignorant or negligent. Beauty treatment solicitors are on-hand to help you with beauty treatment claims, and most of them work on a No Win-No Fee basis as well.


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