Top 5 Tips for Waking Up on Time in the Mornings

Excluding all of you morning people, waking up to your alarm at an early time is always horrible. The first alarm to go off always makes you want to put the pillow over your head and continue to rest but this doesn’t ever end well! Here are some tips on how to fight that morning feeling!

Why do you want to get up at this time?

A great place to start is to consider what you will gain from waking up on time. Why do you need to be on time? Also, think about the risks of taking those extra 15 minutes sleep, what is there to lose? If you are getting up for work, consider what your boss will think about your constant lateness? They will definitely be unhappy and will most definitely assume that you are unreliable and you could end up losing your job!

Get a good alarm clock!

Whilst most of us use our smartphones as our alarm clock. Sometimes, this is a bad idea. Your phone is probably on your bedside table and you can easily turn off the alarm or simply press snooze. There are thousands to choose from and Gear Hungry have a great collection on their electronics section! Another bit of advice on alarm clocks is that you should put it further away from your bed than you typically would. Having to psychically get out of bed and walk across a room to turn of an alarm is most probably going to wake you up!

Go to sleep earlier.

For some, sleep is easy, bedtime is a favoured part of the day and falling to sleep is no issue what so ever. But on the other hand, many struggle with sleep and in fact dread when the time comes to go to bed. There are endless reasons for the inability to fall asleep, but if this persists you can become very ill. Sleep deprivation is a gateway to stress- a lot of negativity can come from it, for a number of reasons. But a good idea is to allow yourself at least eight hours sleep before the time you need to be awake.

Change your environment.

Make your bedroom cozy, and an environment you want to be in whilst you sleep. Blackout curtains eliminate any outside light getting inside of the room, they are an excellent suggestion for keeping light out which may keep you up at night. Also quiet music or soothing sounds playing throughout the night keeps away any street noise etc. Your bed should be your pride and joy, make it as comfortable as you are able to.

Don’t nap within seven hours of waking up.

Say you wake up at 6am; you shouldn’t take any naps until after 1pm. Otherwise, your sleeping pattern could become a complete shambles. It has been proven that napping before seven hours of being awake can affect your subconscious mind, leading you to feel as if you no longer need sleep. If you are planning on taking a nap, ensure it is later in the day; preferably, late afternoon or evening time.