Tips for Traveling the World On a Very Low Budget


If you have a dream of traveling the world, you’re not alone. Wanderlust is alive and well, and once you’ve been bitten by the “travel bug,” chances are travel is all you can think about. And studies have shown that millennials are traveling much more than previous generations. Nowadays you can explore various more favorable destinations and even organize your amazing stag do adventure in Bucharest just in order to stay within reasonable limits when it comes to your budget.  Yet, a large reason that people aren’t traveling more is because of financial limitations. The truth is, you can travel much more cheaply than you’d think. With the right guidance, you can travel the world on a low budget. Here are some tips for doing so: 


If you haven’t heard of couchsurfing before, the premise is simple: create a profile on Couchsurfing, and connect with home owners in places where you’re interested in going. Introduce yourself, and let them know more about your trip and why you’d like to stay with them. Then, the homeowner will accept or decline your invitation. To increase your chances of scoring a place to stay, be sure to craft a detailed profile, listing your hobbies, travel experience, goals, and interests.

The organization was started with the goal of connecting travelers with locals. And although local hosts do not charge the travelers to stay with them, many hosts enjoy learning more about people from all over the world, and the majority of experiences have been very successful on both ends.

Workaway, HelpX, and WWOOF

Workaway, HelpX, and WWOOF are all volunteer platforms where travelers can volunteer to work at a business or farm in exchange for free house and/or food. Some businesses even offer cash stipends. The great thing about this is that options are endless. Work at a yoga retreat in Thailand, an olive farm in Italy, or a ski lodge in Switzerland. Each of these platforms do have an associated fee (all under $60 for the year), but they’re well worth it. You’ll learn how to run a business or a farm (which you can even add to your professional resume), as well as make friends with other helps and local businesses and families.

Rent a Camper or RV

Road trips are a great way to experience the nature and attractions of different countries, up close and personal. Through road tripping, you can see some of the most amazing places in the world, while venturing off the beaten path to corners that would be difficult to go to otherwise. You have complete freedom at the wheel, and this can feel empowering to friends and family hitting the road for a journey.

Road trips can help keep your costs low, while you travel on a budget. Sure, you do front the cash required for a daily rental (assuming you don’t own the van or RV), and you’ll have to fork over money for gas and RV-specific insurance, like Good Sam Motorhome Warranties. However, you won’t have to pay for transportation, which could quickly add up, or accommodation, which is arguably the most expensive aspect of travel. In this sense, you get two commodities rolled into one. This is even more true if you’re traveling with a group and your costs are cut significantly.

Start House Sitting

House sitting is when you agree to stay at a person’s house for free while they’re away, usually to take care of pets, cater to the garden, or maintain the house for stretches of time. Fortunately, there are several house sitting platforms to choose from.

Becoming a house sitter is about much more than saving money on accommodation. First and foremost, you have a high amount of flexibility to do what you’d like. This is a great choice if you’re freelancing and want to travel while working without forking over money on hotels or using half your time to volunteer in exchange for accommodation.

Each message you send to a potential homeowner should be customized. Refrain from sending the same introduction to several people, because it shows. You should also always arrange a virtual interview to better understand if you’re a good fit for one another.

As a newbie house sitter, it’s important not to let yourself get discouraged. After all, you’re competing on a website where there are many serial housesitters, who are able to travel freely and hop from home to home. On average, these house sitters get great reviews, and therefore fare better to homeowners. Without having built up all those important references, it can be difficult to land that initial house assignment. However, keep on pushing and even mention this in your profile description. Be open to providing other references, like work or volunteer references.