The history of iGaming

The history of iGaming is a fascinating one
Photo by CC user Stevebidmead on Pixabay

The history of iGaming really goes back to around 1994. Many people will argue about that, and they will also point out that the development of iGaming depended upon a lot of other really important historical developments. However, the most crucial initial development occurred in 1994. This is the year that Microgaming started, and of course, Microgaming has been a huge pioneer in the industry ever since that point.

They released the first true online gaming casino back in 1994. They were able to do this in part due to the passing of the Free Trade and Processing Act in 1994, which allowed for the creation of some of the first online gambling licenses. This may not have been an act that enabled the creation of online gambling licenses outside of Antigua and Barbuda, but in the Information Age, such an act really did suffice. People were still able to get all of the mileage that they needed in the process. Microgaming was able to get off of the ground, and they were able to help create an industry that would flourish over the course of the 1990’s, the 2000’s, and the 2010’s.

The year 1998 was another big turning point in the online casino gaming industry. The film Rounders helped to advertise and popularize many of the famous developments of the day, which in turn led to a number of other developments and helped to make this industry a really major one. The first online poker rooms were created in 1998, so online poker more or less began around this time. By the year 1999, there were seven hundred different online casinos already available. People have a tendency to believe that online casinos were rare during this time period, but this is clearly not the case. Many of these online casinos are not still in operation today, but they managed to become pioneers in the field.

The dial-up era of the Internet managed to hold online casinos back for a little while. Dial-up Internet connections have a lot of problems, and this is a format that really does not work very well for the purposes of online casino gaming. As such, the switch to more modern forms of the Internet in the 2000’s really helped with the spread of online casino gaming. It was much easier for people to be able to access online casino gaming in general. They were also able to take advantage of the progressive jackpots that Microgaming had managed to start back in 1998.

Now people can have Royal Vegas Online Casino travel apps to make your next flight better. Royal Vegas Online Casino developments are occurring all the time, and people are going to have an easier time anticipating the new developments in the world of online casino gaming. Since 2013, online casino gaming has managed to reach a new peak of popularity. This is an industry that has been on the rise for more than twenty years by this point, and it is not going to slow down any time soon for anyone looking for a spot of easy entertainment.