The Best Ways to Store Important Notes so You do Not Forget Them

Photo by CC user Sebastjan Vodusek on Flickr.

Notice Board: Tangible And Digital:

We all know just how aggravating it can be when we forget to make note of something important or when we misplace a particularly important note. Enter the notice board.

Notice boards are great because you can attach them to walls at any height so any and all people can view the notices attached to them. They are often at eye level so it makes it easy for everyone to be able to read the notices that are attached. Notice boards usually encompass a large surface area and are ideal when it comes to securing papers of any size, shape or colour. It’s important to have many drawing pins at your disposal so that any and all notes can be placed upon the board at any given time.

Your smart phone, tablet or laptop is also a useful source for the more digital interpretation of a notice board. There are many applications, types of software or otherwise that act just like a real-life notice board, but they have the convenience of being on your person, all the time!

Having a tangible notice board at your office and a digital one in your phone is highly recommended as you can view all of your priorities, and share them with others.

Mobile Phone Reminders:

For some, their mobile phone is everything. They do everything from their phone and they plan everything from their phone. So, it is only natural that these types of people would benefit from downloading some helpful reminder apps that can help you stay organized.

As most people are quick to check their phones for social media related notifications, it’s only logical to try and transfer this trait to work-related notifications as well. Your phone’s calendar is a great place to start jotting down future plans. You will become notified of those future events when they are about to happen, just like how your phone notifies you of future social media related events as they happen.

Post-It Or Sticky Note:

These handy little colourful sticky notes are great for the office. Any one can use them and stick them anywhere for anyone to see. Stick them to your computer, the company fridge or a colleague’s desk. They can be applied to almost any surface and are sure to catch the eye of most people.


A personal notebook is a great way to stay chronologically organized as you keep all of your notes in order, turning over each leaf as each task gets accomplished. Try a calendar-based notebook if your notes are often scheduled into the near or distant future.

Friendly Reminders:

Sometimes it’s great to have friends in high places, especially if these friends have great memories. Don’t be shy! Ask your pal if he or she can phone or text you at a given time to help remind you of a particular event, assignment or appointment.