Skin Care Treatments at Their Finest

If you go to your local cosmetic clinic or medical spa, you’ll probably find a big catalogue of treatments available to try out. Now, some of these you’ll never need, some of them you might be interested in and of course, a couple that you’re really keen on trying out. But you should be careful when making a decision as to what treatment you want to try. A couple decades ago, the challenge was finding the clinics as well as the money to get treated. But nowadays, with thousands upon thousands of clinics opening up all across the world, the new challenge has become actually deciding on what you need or want.

So this depends on what you want from the treatment and what it’s related to. Is it related to unwanted hair growth? Toning certain areas of the body? Fuller lips? Smoother skin? Is it related to skin in general? If you are thinking about treating something related to skin, then there are a few treatments you should try out: dermal fillers and Botox NYC and other major cities’ favorite skin care treatments. 

Clinics all across the world offer these two as staples of cosmetic surgery for a wide variety of reasons. These two are some of the safest treatments you can go through, least time consuming and very versatile in nature.

The Big B

Botox barely needs an introduction. You’ve probably heard of it or it has been on your radar at some point in life. Many people have tried it and are hailing it as one of the best skin care treatments out there. It’s special compound has been working wonders in the beauty industry for decades as well as in medicine and other sciences.

With the constant research and development going into Botox, it’s really hard to say where the possibilities with this compound come to an end. It has been used for a variety of treatments, from strengthening hair growth, to relieving migraine and arthritis pains. But most of the time, Botox is used to smooth out skin, give it vigor and youth.

The compound is specially designed to block out certain nerves when injected into a certain area of the body. By blocking these nerves, it keeps them from transmitting certain signals from the brain to the facial muscles.

Whether you like it or not, your facial muscles are under constant tension. The muscles are constantly working and you don’t really feel it. This constant tension causes them to have trenches and to sag, which in turn causes wrinkles. When Botox is injected, it blocks the nerve endings from delivering commands from the brain to the muscles, essentially telling the facial muscles to calm down.

Once the muscles calm down, they smooth out the skin above them, and thus, the wrinkles are gone. That’s a very simplified way of how Botox works. The procedure just includes a series of injections into certain parts of the face, it lasts around 40 minutes and thanks to numbing creams, is virtually painless. 

Nowadays, Botox is very easy to find and for a good price. Do a little research on what you can find in your area. If you happen to live in NYC, then visit the Skinly Aesthetics website for the Botox NYC treatment package, which offers one of the best Botox treatments in the city for a price that doesn’t cut a big chunk out of your budget.

Filling In the Space

On the other hand, you have dermal fillers, which are also a very popular form of skin treatment. While Botox smooths out skin and gives it restored vigor and freshness, dermal fillers complete a slightly different task that has to do with the actual constitution of the face.

To put it simply: faces change with age. When you’re young and have tight skin, your face a distinct V shape which starts with the two cheekbones and connects at the chin on the bottom. While you may not actively see it, our brains subconsciously pick up on this shape and we see the youthfulness of the face without actually noticing it.

But as time goes on, it’s natural for skin to become looser and for it to start sagging. When it starts to sag, the skin of the cheeks begins to droop down to the jawline, not only disrupting the beautiful straight line of the jaw, but also deemphasizing the cheekbones, which also offer some interesting contours to the face.  

When dermal fillers are injected into certain parts of the face, they lift the skin up, thus tightening it around areas like the jawline and the cheekbones, making them more visible and restoring youthfulness to the face. This whole idea of tight skin contouring pronounced parts of the face is called “volume” and it’s only one of the many other things that dermal fillers are capable of doing.

Along with tightening skin, dermal fillers also smooth out wrinkles, which makes sense when you consider what dermal fillers are capable of. They can handle a wide range of wrinkles, but this depends on the kind of dermal fillers that is being injected. Some dermal fillers are better at handling forehead wrinkles, others stuff like crow’s feet, or smile lines. There are some dermal fillers out there that are good at filling up lips. 

As you can see, there is a wide array of usage for dermal fillers, and depending on which type of dermal fillers you’re going for, they may not cost that much either. As with Botox, dermal fillers are minimally invasive injectables, and not unlike Botox, the procedure lasts less than to an hour. And of course, once again, thanks to numbing cream, it’s also pretty much painless.