Say Cheese with Ease – 4 Tips for Preparing a Fantastic Photo Booth Experience


If you’re planning a big party, for family, friends, or work colleagues, one of the most important goals is to create lasting memories. Ideally, you want to host an event that people talk about for months afterwards. They should be asking ‘when’s the next one’ and seeking your advice for their own celebrations. Then, you’ll know you’ve thrown an epic party.

For that, you need some amazing entertainment. It doesn’t have to be super expensive or overly flashy. In fact, the best options are those that encourage guests to direct the fun themselves. Photo booths are a great example because they’re very low maintenance. You just set them up, provide some helpful cues, and then let the crowd loose.

This article explores the benefits of hiring a photo booth and offers some handy tips for having a great experience.

Work with a Top Rated Vendor

You can rent a Sydney photo booth for a very affordable price. However, be wary of your choice of vendor, because not all services are made equal. There are poor quality vendors, just as there are exceptional ones, so pick carefully.

It’s a good sign when you find a hire company, and there are lots of pictures of the photo booths on its website. Even better are the vendors with active social media pages, because you can actually view the kind of experiences customers are enjoying.

Set It Up Nice and Early

Most hire companies include delivery and set up at the quoted rate. They send a team of helpers out to the venue, where they install the photo booth in your chosen spot. As long as you arrange for them to arrive nice and early, the setup process is entirely stress-free.

The best spot for your booth is somewhere reasonably visible, so guests don’t forget it’s there. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too close to high traffic areas, where lots of people are moving around. Close to the dancefloor or bar is fine, but make sure it’s not an obstruction.

Provide Your Own Props

If you want to get the most out of a photo booth, you’ve got to let your inhibitions go. Props are a fantastic way to do this. They add some much-needed silliness and help the terminally self-conscious feel a little more at ease. Plus, the possibilities are endless.

Hats, wigs, glasses, and feather boas are all classic choices. DIY signs can be entertaining too, especially if you’re staging hilarious scenes. It’s worth asking your vendor if they can include some props in the rental. Many companies are happy to provide a fun ‘party pack.’

Make Sure Snaps Are Instant

The best photo booths don’t make guests wait for their snaps. While all rentals are slightly different, you need one that promises fast results. There are a number of options. The more traditional booths print photos off in a Polaroid-style after ten or twenty minutes.

Others are even faster because they upload the images to social media. Some booths even create animated gifs out the photographs. It’s up to you to decide what guests will love the most. Just make sure they leave the party with a cool memento of the experience.

Why Photo Booths Are the Hot New Trend in 2018

Photo booths have been around for a long time, and they’re often thought to be quite old-fashioned. However, with the rise of the Instagram generation, they’ve come back into style in a big way. After all, what is Instagram but a supercharged, virtual version of the retro photo booth? So, it’s time to go back to the future and pick up a booth for your next big bash!